Yemen: *GRAPHIC VIDEO* Allegedly Shows 20 Dead as Saudi-Led Airstrike Hits Taiz

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Graphic video footage has emerged confirming the earlier testimony of local residents that Saudi-led coalition airstrikes in Yemen had killed twenty people on Friday.




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10 comments on “Yemen: *GRAPHIC VIDEO* Allegedly Shows 20 Dead as Saudi-Led Airstrike Hits Taiz

  1. Don't blur the pictures ,show everyone what war is ,and what it does .Or don't show it at all.

  2. Where are the Jews and neo-conservatives demanding regime change in Riyadh

  3. why US, FRANCE and GB dont bomb saudia fo thee crime just like they did to syria ?! humm i know why cause saudi buy there weapons and provide them with endless Oil ..what a hypocrits

  4. Matter fact Saudi's are the real terrorist in this world….. how come such Genocide go, while the media sleep on it fucking hypocrites

  5. Why are they just laying in the middle of nowhere? Obviously they weren't in the truck they keep showing. So, what's going on here??

  6. Criminal murder of civilians with American made wepons . War crimes .

  7. This is not going to be told by the "human rights defenders" CNN and the BBC. At such moments, they urgently have other urgent topics,

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