Worker Pulled Through Woodchipper

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An accident investigation slide show about an incident in which a worker was pulled into a woodchipper.

50 comments on “Worker Pulled Through Woodchipper

  1. Our job isn't designed to be safe! 1 0f the 10 most dangerous careers there are, especially for Utility arborist.

  2. chippers like these are poor design why can't a bin be put on top of chipper gravity pulls material down to blades , chipper doesnot operate until cover is locked on bin and operater turns chipper on when at a safe location and out of any danger zone

  3. If you are standing to the side there is no reason that you should get caught and not be able to hit the bar in time. That chute extension is stupid because it makes it harder to feed the chipper whilst standing to the side past the chute toward the front where you can easily access the bar.

  4. My dad is a tree worker and he works around this stuff all hi life now that I see this I dont want him to go >:c

  5. Hell back in my day you only had to push the limb in and WAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOONGGGGGGG!

  6. It's all about common sense and not taking short cuts… Ain't no job or amount of money worth me risking my life for.

  7. I had a seizure while working on a tree job and fell backward from the hopper.

    Seriously almost fell in the fucking thing so I take this shit seriously.

    Tree work is fun but is dangerous as hell. Be safe people.

  8. Our company policy is no one is allowed to chip anything without a second person standing nearby with their hand on the reverse feed controller.

  9. We have a chipper at the golf course I work at and we get tired and front load that machine all the time…

  10. April 2012…
    SALEM — A 6-year-old boy helping his father on a landscaping job during school vacation was killed Tuesday after getting pulled into a wood chipper, state police said.

    Jeffrey Bourgeois was putting a branch in the chipper at about 8:45 a.m. when it yanked him into the machine after his father momentarily turned his back, said Lt. J. Paul Vance, a state police spokesman. The accident happened at a home in Salem, a town of about 4,000 people nearly 30 miles southeast of Hartford.

  11. This is why I won't go near let alone walk behind a wood chipper. I fear getting sucked in.

  12. Gloves. Baggy shirts. Hiviz vests. Tool belts etc are bad when using shredders. Lathes. Milling machines. Drills augers and any rotating cutting grinding equipment. Neat tidy work wear and stay safe !

  13. My best friend owns a forestry company and his big machine can chew up a giant tree in seconds. But what is just as bad is it can take a huge chunk and fling it hundreds of feet. There are horror stories of it throwing a log straight through and through a bus

  14. Chippers should have a pressure pad that operates them, like a flat 1'x1' pedal you stand on with both feet, when your weight is on it the machine operates, when you are not on it the machine stops. That way if you step away from where you are supposed to be (at the side of the machine instead of in front of it) it shuts down and stays that way until you walk back around and step onto the pad..

  15. Bandit 250 120 ft per minute, 6' person 3 seconds. Three telephone poles in 1 minute. Don't care one bit what it eats.

  16. Work faster or going home, safety make things slow sometimes it is your choice

  17. Wood chippers are mean machines. The 2 rollers are driven by hydraulics. Absolutely no stopping them. They slide open by springs on the tops. Gripping and pulling in anything. The main heart of this beast is the large upright cast iron weighted wheel, about 4 -5 feet tall driven by the engine. On the edge of the face are your multiple blades. These are sharp and super hard steel like Wolverines claws. The wood is literally minced up like coleslaw. It takes a good 2 minutes to shut off the engine and for the wheel to stop spinning from centrifugal force. The dangers from using these chippers is moderate (when they are new, well maintained). But every one I have worked on are worn out, busted, safety bars wired, total pieces of crap. That turns the safety level to 1%, no room for error. The problem with tree trimmers is they are hungry for big money. Run them hard all day, every day. They hire $10 hr unskilled labor and never maintain the equipment. Never work for a tree trimmer if they have old or shitty equipment. (There are literally thousands of these worn out death machines are out there being used daily)

  18. I think the worker who was killed was right-handed.
    Anyone else have that opinion?

  19. This is why bandit chippers have emergency stop cables.. And the control bar automatically reverses the rollers if you are pulled in from the side.

  20. Sad and horiffic. Man versus machine. Man never wins. Safety first guys.

  21. its crazy how the other guys didnt hear anything thats means the poor guy didnt even have time to scream at least he went quickly

  22. Dave I feel my mind starting to go……………………………..daisy daisy I'm half crazy all for the love of you.

  23. Another new guy or kid prolly. Thought he was a hot shot and knew everything. Seen it done on tv. Looks easy. I can run anything with a motor. Those guys are always ones breaking shut or getting killed

  24. A firefighter friend of mine responded to one of these accidents.

    He looked in the back of the truck and saw "just a pile of goo". The ONLY thing he saw that was human was what he thought might've been a knuckle. 😨

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