White House staffers to NBC: Kelly has called Trump an “idiot,” thinks he’s saving the country by re

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White House staffers to NBC: Kelly has called Trump an “idiot,” thinks he’s saving the country by re:

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The good news? Trump has been looking for a reason to get rid of him. Now he has one. The bad news? This makes that rumored “Kelly for VA” deal a leeeeetle bit awkward. It was also NBC that reported months ago that Rex Tillerson had called Trump a “moron” at a meeting with natsec officials, you may remember. They own the “cabinet members insulting POTUS in the nastiest terms” beat. One of the most interesting details is how many sources NBC claims for the story — no fewer than eight current or former White House officials. A gang-stabbing, and it’s not even the Ides of March! Pulling American troops out of South Korea? Please. That would have signaled weakness, maybe even inviting an attack on the South from the North. It would have traded away one of America’s best bargaining chips in squeezing Kim Jong Un on denuclearization, the possibility of a reduced American presence on the peninsula, for nothing. And it would have panicked U.S. allies across the world, starting with Japan. It’s preposterous. It makes no sense. It’s … totally plausible that Trump wanted to do it, yeah. It was just six weeks ago that he hinted at the idea publicly, in fact, to put pressure on South Korea on a trade deal. He’s squeezing the wrong Korea. Here’s the part that will really sting POTUS, though. It’s not the “idiot” insult. It’s the intimation of weakness on his core issue: It’ll be funny watching Trump fans get indignant at the idea that he’s too quick to make concessions on immigration after Ann Coulter and other populists tore him apart last month for not getting wall funding in that giant garbage spending bill he signed. You’ve seen with your own eyes how eager he is to make Democrats happy on this subject! The guy put citizenship for nearly two million DREAMers on the table as part of a grand bargain with Schumer and Pelosi. It’s no secret either that Kelly feels he’s too soft and ignorant on this subject. Remember when he went on Fox News back in January and told Bret Baier that Trump wasn’t “fully informed” on certain immigration issues during the campaign, which reportedly pissed off POTUS to no end? And not only isn’t “we’ve got to save him from himself” a secret, it seems to be almost the motto of the Trump cabinet. Reports have been floating around for a year about weird “pacts” between deputies to try to keep Trump from doing anything too nutty. Mattis and Kelly (when he was at DHS) supposedly agreed early on, in the wake of the initial travel ban fiasco, that one of them should be in the country at all times to help put out any fires that he might set. Bob Corker singled out the two of them and Rex Tillerson last fall for praise in saying that they’re helping protect the country from “chaos.” The NYT claimed in January that Trump told Don McGahn last year that it was time to fire Mueller and McGahn threatened to quit unless Trump changed his mind. The legend of heroic aides di

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