What To Do With The X-Men Movies

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34 comments on “What To Do With The X-Men Movies

  1. Soo….you want to translate the widely reviled and failing SJW Marvel to the big screen? Yeah…that ain't gonna go well.

  2. Am I the only one who can't stand it when people interrupt someone. LIke I can barely tolerate this conversation. I just want the big dude to let the skinny dude finish a thought, and then react to it. He keeps cutting him off.

  3. You forgot about the New Mutants movie! While it remains a very big ?, the fact that it'll be more horror and is based on the classic Demon Bear saga is promising. OTOH them casting very white actors with a teenth of non-white blood as Dani and Roberto makes me itchy, also the huge potential to screw up Magik (one of my top 3)

  4. Xmen is sort of like Lenny from "mice of men", cool to have around at first. probably the best of its kind, but you know… no good will come of continuing its lifeline in the mainstream any time longer. So what should we do? 'Tell it to find the rabbits… at the end of this shotgun barrel'.

  5. I completely disagree with making the XMen more divisive politically than what Marvel is at now. It's incredibly leftist, embarrassingly leftist.

  6. I disagree on one thing in particular – x-men do need to end up in the marvel cinematic universe but it needs to be done right – Wolverine has been known to work with the avengers – he could be added on with a darn good intro scene like how spiderman was shown…from there the story itself can be integrated so either one or two of the other x-men might be seen as a result of him being around…it's not hard – but there's too much intellectual property and stubbornness to properly get it done….I mean picture cyclops and captain america meeting up and cyclops uses his optic blast to deflect a shot from cap's shield…you damn well know that would be bada$$…

  7. I love your videos but this one got silly.

    You say you want a central PoV character then say you should make X-Men a soap opera. I think those two points are in direct conflict because we're still talking about films, which are two hour packets of story that can't have a deep and satisfying character arc while spending lots of time setting up side relationships and future payoffs without becoming a weak marvel film like Age of Ultron where we get distracted by things like Thor's jacuzzi premonitions. And then you say there are so many X-Men you can always replace roles in future films. Well then what good is a soap opera style of story if you mix up the characters each film?!

    Certain things in the comics only work because they've been developed over years before straining our suspension of disbelief. I've always loved that the X-Men films have a more grounded tone. I like how being a mutant is down to genetics (which plays into the film's major themes). I don't want the phoenix stuff to be anything cosmic or for aliens to get involved. The sentinels were plenty menacing as ten feet tall robots, making them fifty feet changes nothing. Again, films just aren't the medium for this kind of stuff.

    I think getting a comic book expert when talking about films will only lead to solutions that you'll never see and will, as you said, only lead to disappointment!

    I do agree with some points though. Dark Phoenix is a bad idea. The continuity is fucked. A more "fun" aesthetic wouldn't be amiss.

  8. To be honest, I really like the current cast and want to see more of them in a movie where they actually get to develop and do X-Men stuff. Like, my ideal X-Men movie right now would basically be the deleted mall scene from Apocalypse but longer and with a supervillain or two.

    I think the X-Men franchise could solve a lot of its problems (and could've avoided from the beginning) had they just went with the simplest train of thought: "How do we make people trust people with superpowers?" "What if we wore bright, colorful outfits and helped stop crime and save cats from trees and stuff? Show them that we're not all assholes?" "Well, gee, I figured we'd just only worry about stuff that directly involved mutants or could cause humans to despise us even more, but that's an idea that makes us seem like we give a shit about people in general! Let's go for it!" I don't know why looking friendly and being helpful isn't the go-to strategy for characters in this genre who are worried about public trust. Superman, Iron Fist, the Inhumans, just make a good first impression by *looking and acting like a nice and trustworthy person*.

  9. What to do with the x men movies? Easy. Appreciate x men, x2, first class, days of future past, and logan for having far better acting, characters and stories than the overrated mcu products

  10. I think it’s a matter of taste. I personally hate all the cosmic stories on X-Men or find them annoying because, to me, why I love it is the more grounded stories and because the essence of X-Men is the themes of racism and how they, despite being victims of it, still decide to save those who marginalize them. Whenever I read a story in which they go to space, I don’t know, it pulls me out of it and it feels different.

  11. What I would do is get away from Professor X and Magneto. We've seen them twice now and we get it. I'm almost to that point with Scott and Jean, more so with Jean because we are literally going through the same storyline with 2 different actors. Maybe get Madelyn Pryor in there with Scott. Also get those giant names away, Jennifer Laurence was not a smart choice for Mystique. Her fame and name brand got in the way of the character. I agree on modernizing the mutant awareness, like The Gifted is doing but I wouldn't take it that far in the X-Men timeline. Another thing that would be interesting that I hope they explore with the New Mutants movie is the actual school part of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. Over the years we have seen multiple veteran X-Men as teachers.

  12. Hard reset now!!
    Im likeing the return to the comicbooks tone like the new hellboy hopefully

  13. Connor, my dude, you are gold. All your points make sense, especially 1 and 2 because YEASSS it was ALWAYS about messy relationships among the huge ensemble, how hard it is to understand?? you can't bring havoc and not mention his 'perfect older brother' obsession ffs. Don't even start with Polaris in that case, this ship had sunk anyway. This is just a minor example,
    all those movies failed to make me care about anyone except for X and M, cause everybody else stay so underdeveloped it hurts.
    Well, not counting Wolvie here, but I'm sick and tired of him, he stole the thunder of tons of characters simply cause studio bosses wanted a sure cash-in of Hugh Jackman's presence ?

  14. This is why I only liked X1, X2, First Class, and Future Past in the main franchise the most: juggling adaption and departure when needed.

    The others I don't care since it sold its soul of "Color"

    Logan worked because of its company's biggest production problem: Continuity
    -It's else-world, allowed to critique its own genre (even when it fails to be of its genre), and give Logan a swan song (not necessarily risky, it was just time to give Logan his powerful goodbye)

    Even though I loved the movie, it only worked because of its time and place that even the MCU is not there yet. And by the looks of Infinity War, it just be that swan song for some.

  15. This discussions diction is excellent. I love finding intelligent people talking things that "people don't care about"

  16. I just so need the original line up of heroes, my original five X-Men, and develop them over time in the films. Their dynamic is central. There is a reason they have been the mainstays this whole time.

    Also, how does this guy claim that Cyclops is a stick in the mud? Like, has he read the past twenty years of X-Men titles? Cyclops was right!

  17. The X-Men need a total reboot, interaction with the MCU and embrace the super hero aesthetic formula used by Marvel. Fox Studios is in so far over their heads with this franchise it isn't funny. And now they put it all in the hands of Simon Kinberg who has no business directing an X-Men movie, let alone Dark Phoenix. Stupid! This franchise has just become a hollow exercise and at this point, Fox just wants to pump out product to squeeze anything that this dead horse will produce. The same with Fant4stic unfortunately. Maybe when it's dead, they will finally acquiesce and work with Marvel Studios, where they can actually make bling for those greedy Fox suits that don't get it.

  18. "The other" "White supremacy" "anti-fascist"… Juice never miss an opportunity to drop some anti white buzzwords. Yeah let's have the Xmen fight fascists for BLM and Antifa. Cringey.

  19. Dark Phoenix is in the 90s they should go with the rooster of the animated series. Cyclops, Wolverine, Rogue, Storm, Beast, Gambit, Jubile, Jean and Professor X. Plus in someday of my life I would love to see Wolverine fighting The Hulk on the big screen

  20. Since you mentioned Logan and Deadpool, a youtuber by the name of A Closer Look used both films as examples that the superhero genre, as he includes both the MCU and DC films, needs to change or else they will "oversaturate," even though MCU films have been doing that for years now.

  21. The biggest problem for an X-men movie is Wolverine. It becomes way too easy for him to become the dominate charater and X-men just a suporting cast.

  22. X-Men must be bought by Marvel then Activision should direct the movies.
    I think whoever made X-Men Legends should be the ones making the movies.
    X-Men Legends follows the comics so X-Men Legends should be a movie.
    We need Jubilee and Rogue to shine and X-Men Legends showed how powerful Jubilee can be and showed us the real Rogue.

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