What Marvel Fans Need to Know About Cable

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Brace yourselves — the Cable guy is coming! Ever since the post-credits tease at the end of the smash hit Deadpool, comic book fans have been excitedly awaiting the arrival of Cable. And ever since that post credits tease, non-comic book fans have been wondering, who the heck is Cable!? Well, we’re about to answer that question for you, because here’s a dangerously in-depth look at everything Marvel fans need to know about Marvel’s most complicated mutant…

Convoluted history | 0:40
Clones and doppelgangers | 2:16
Convoluted powers | 3:00
Straight man | 3:45
The long road to the big screen | 4:12

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48 comments on “What Marvel Fans Need to Know About Cable

  1. Cable is so jacked up in the comic book but right now he's just A scrawny little man.

  2. If your a true marvel fan than you should already know who cable is…

  3. we know cable has a blue and yellow outfit my make deadpool accurate then fuck up cable smh

  4. Seriously think its just bad casting cus i cant seem to get past how tiny he is compared to deadpool

  5. He thanos
    Wearing the infinity gauntlet
    Just for legal reason he has it green screen off screen

  6. if they dont already know them or some of them they should be called marvel fans

  7. Introduce probably bike borrow gain casual trip homeless square recording prefer price

  8. Anyone else thought they saw cable being played by Bruce Campbell?

  9. Aaaaah he used the Marvel : War of Heroes cards. I had all those along with some leg and Uleg cards

  10. I will definitely see the other film Brolin is in, infinity war. Not sure if I care to see this one since both cable and Domino are just so disappointing to look at.

  11. lol a Marvel fan, already knew who Cable is…X-men is a pretty big thing unless you became a fan because of Disney's MCU…enioy the video bandwagons lmao

  12. French graduate rage already cave part sigh phone method closet hence.

  13. I loved the series Executioner's Song. The battles between him and his clone, Strife. And Nate Grey was awesome, but so powerful he could burn out his own body. He didn't have the limitations because of the technovirus. Cable could eventually use his psionic power, but not at the level of Strife. Loved that story spin.

  14. After watching this i cant think of a better actor to play Cable than Stephen Lang, dudes a badass. Too bad he isn't….

  15. I don’t know how on gods green earth they did not cast Steven Lane. I am a oldschool cable X force Fayette and we found a scene out of the movie everybody said that would make a good cable

  16. This character made the word Cable cool. Now we fan just need Beer, Food and Condom for the next DP.

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