What Japanese women think of Ivanka Trump 2017

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What Japanese women think of Ivanka Trump 2017 Ivanka, who serves as an adviser to her father, is accompanying him on his trip to Asia. But what do women …

One comment on “What Japanese women think of Ivanka Trump 2017

  1. Ivanka talks about the sexual harassment of women? Remind me, WHO IS HER DADDY AGAIN? HAS SHE EVEN MET HIM? Ridiculous little pampered prissy bitch has no right to preach on the subject when daddy dearest is a prime example of someone who has sexually harassed many, many women over his lifetime (grabbing em by the pussy) plus objectifies his OWN DAUGHTERS! Nasty orange piece of shit!
    The Trump's seem to have 2 sets of standards. One for them and one for EVERYONE ELSE. Another case in point: Trump touting that Americans should make their crap to sell IN AMERICA while at the same time Trump and Ivaaaanka manufacture their crap with slave labor OUTSIDE the United States. Who ever takes the Trump Mafia family serious is just UNAMERICAN, RACIST or GULLIBLE AS HELL! Kick ALL of their lying, treasonous asses OUT OF THE WHITEHOUSE! NOW!

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