What Is WRONG With PEOPLE-of-COLOR Supporting TRUMP?

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CNN Tonight with Don Lemon – Breaking News 4/526/2018. CNN Panel of Political Commentators Ana Navarro, Shermichael Singleton,Tara Setmayer and Co-Chair of Project 21 Stacy Washington talks about President Trump and Kim Kardashian husband Kanye West twitter saga.

46 comments on “What Is WRONG With PEOPLE-of-COLOR Supporting TRUMP?

  1. Somebody please cut the locks outta this bitch ๐Ÿ’‡ hair. A sell-out comes in looking and trying to sound black and yet still trying to suck masters lil orange dick. I hope she takes a slug to the face.

  2. That clown hasn't done anything worthwhile, many businesses are falsifying their hiring because he gave them humongous tax cuts, so to make that idiot look good as well as stupid white folks spending their little savings thinking he's going to do them some good, which will never happen, after the smoke clears on all of this, then come the big collapse !!!!!!!!!!!

  3. The Media and Democrats cannot afford to lose the Black support…my question is…What does race have to do with being Republican and Democrats? Nothing, so stop fuckin talking race, it is a non issue. STOP trying to tribalize people

  4. They don't like themselves that's why they don't have a problem with people treating them that way. The slave mentality still exist in them and personality wise Kanye and Trump has a lot in common.

  5. Stacy Washington pointing out what everyone else has done in history Does NOT make you right. You are like the rest of the republicans you are supporting a racist because of what YOU are getting out of it!!

  6. Yes Anna you are absolutely right Kanye has the right and WE have the right Not to support or buy his products!!

  7. Ana supported a women, when during her husband's presidency, she said black young men are young predators.

  8. In 2010 & 2011, the unemployment rate did start to decrezae among blacks & hispanics but, it did drop significantly when trump took office.

  9. Trump never equate the neo nazis & kkk to counter protesters. He said the destruction & bad behavior was on both sides which it was.

  10. Don Lemon has some nerve telling Kanye to know his business! If Kanye slammed Trump and lied in the process Lemon would have no problem with it.

  11. Anna seems like she gained all her weight back! She looked so good

  12. This stacy B*tch need to go drop off a cliff head first holding kanye hand wearing a maga hat๐Ÿ˜œ

  13. Trump is a rockstar! Haters gonna hate. Obama lovers are deranged. Thank God for Trump!

  14. Fox is #1 people. Nickelodeon beats out CNN. Clinton News Network is a joke and all you followers of them are delusional and insane in your membrane. Pull the plug on the CNN hate parade.

  15. Some one kill Anna. Fuck her stupid ass! I'm Puerto rican and she is annoying. Fucken puta!!!

  16. low women employment? whose watching the children? not the parents. I find the lgbt has the same exact characteristics. oh my gosh, these minstrels need to shut up. no one can discern the complete 100% hyocrasy of the lgbt? wow, America, you're just stupid folks. Donnie here could care less about black people. he identifies by sex preference, not by genetics. the other black women is always yapping about nothing and no one calls these minstrels out?

  17. I never care for Trump. But I remember the Central Park five in New York about 5 teenagers of color maybe one was Hispanic or Puerto Ricans accused of raping a white woman in Central Park. 7 years later it came out they were innocent they always stated that they were innocent. The problem was Donald Trump took out a full-page ad against them when they situation happens stay they should be put to death. When it came out and it was a small section that they were released no big fanfare was made about them being innocent all along.. Donald Trump never apologize.

  18. It's not helping to give time to Trump and his supporters. regardless of who they are. I think it's time we start ignoring them.. they've had their say and I for one don't care to listen to them anymore.

  19. The press has nothing better to do than concentrate on the President. The time to reflect on wars, famine, despair that still ravages our planet is gone. We have turned into a bunch of shortsighted jackals.

  20. A coon or coonet in your community is like a black family having a kkk member living with you, dangerous to your livelihood.

  21. Look how the other two black people look when mrs Wilson is talking! Don is a little Bitch! And most black people are racist against whites! Grow the fuck up you idiots

  22. U just admitted that unemployment when down and up when Obama left and Trump is keeping it down! So technically Trump is keeping black unemployment down that's a fact bruh fyt lemon head ass niqqa ?? …

  23. CNN an this black guy are taking a bunch of things out of context to fit their agenda their pushing. Trump doesn't have to like black people but unlike Hillary Trump didn't steal a billion dollars from Haiti relief money! Js lemon head

  24. People of color?๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณCan anyone give me an example of un-colored people?

  25. To make things worst IGNORANT ass immigrants come to this country and make things worst of the black community. They DON'T know HISTORY and jump on the BS band wagon.

  26. But the Black unemployment is still two or three times higher than that of European-Americans. If he (45) really wants to take credit for Black unemployment change the 13th amendment and end slavery. Stop allowing corporations to exploit free and cheap labor by using the prison population as a work force. Then I'd believe in #MAGA

  27. The Black Unemployment level is because of Obama, This is Obamaโ€™s Economy you dumb ass*s… Kanye doesnโ€™t like Obama because, Obama called him a dumb a*s… Obama was right, Kanye is a house N… Carrying water for the โ€œmastaโ€… He thinks Kim is the baddest b… Get with Guyanese Woman or any Caribbean Woman is better than Kim K will ever be… Celebrity Troll ass chick

  28. The same thing that's wrong with gay people supporting Trump, you are setting off a hydrogen bomb in your own community. You should be excommunicated, just like you are in the gay community. If a gay friend finds out you voted for Trump, proper protocol is to shame them, berate them, tell them to jump their to jump up their own ass and die, and never speak to them again.

    If a fellow gay votes for Trump, all the same shit, expect that means they have been cut off from their own community.

    If your FAMILY member voted for Trump, stop speaking to them and tell them you will not be talking to them until they vote blue.

    I did this with my father. I don't care that I'm forcing him to vote against his will. Well… I'm not forcing anything. He had a choice, he doesn't HAVE to have a relationship with me, he wants that, so he votes like I tell him to.



  31. I love how he kind of call out the fox news saying…the host..didnt check the fact…Sip tea!

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