Weird US Statement After a Ban on all LGBT Events

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Australia’s marriage bill is running into roadblocks — can it get passed before the end of the year? Turkey has banned all LGBT events and hate crimes in Russia have doubled, with a very a strange response from the US State Department. We’ll have all that plus actions you can take on Weekly Debrief.

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13 comments on “Weird US Statement After a Ban on all LGBT Events

  1. I do miss your face in these videos, your expressions would give an amount of ease to me in hearing such unsettling news.

  2. Hi mat! This news is troubling especially overseas. I just wish the U.S. would use some of it’s influence or at least set a proper example.

  3. Matt, in case not everybody already knows Brian Brown (President of NOM & Self Hating Closet Case ) Wrote the Anti-Gay Russian Laws , for Russia which Violated a US Law called the Logan Act . Just 1 of many US Federal Laws he has Violated . By my count To Date he is facing 34 Years to Life in Prison for the list of crimes I know of that he has committed . I have been keeping track . I have also informed Brian Brown of this .
    Believe it or not ,he was cute once . A long time ago . Back when he was a Nelly little Twink.
    It's sad now to realize that back then he could light up a room full of gay men with his smile just by entering a room . You couldn't have helped but to notice him .
    Now he is just bitter pathetic and sad .
    Like Texas Governor Greg Abbott – He isn't fooling anyone ,. we all know he's gay .

  4. Sadly if it wasn't for Mustafa Ataturk the founder of modern day Turkey being gay I do not think that they would be as lenient as they are. But they probably forgot that just like Russia forgot about Peter the Great being gay.

  5. it is good to see some countries holding on to values and decency, not giving in to something as perverted, stupid… as homosexualism

  6. if u think crack down on perversion like homosexualism is hate not justice, u got to think homosexualism is very hateful, for the fact homosexualism even destroy the system which gave life to those who chose such lifestyle. they have benefited from heterosexuality now they dont mind destroy it for others

  7. I just finished watching the last episode of Cowboy Bebop. I've been really down in the dumps since then. It changed me and effected me so much that now there's a void I can't fill. I came here to try and cheer up but it only made me more depressed. Now I don't know what to do.

  8. That's Trumps MO nowadays saying he's in favor or something and doing the opposite. The vocal address of an issue in one way and either inaction or establishing complete opposite policies of what he said about it earlier. This is what his boss Putin does in Russia, saying one thing or condemning attacks on homosexuals but doing nothing about it to prevent it or punish those that commit crimes against LGBT people.

  9. I sorely underestimated the influence of countries like the US and Russia on this sort of thing.

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