Weird Things You See People Do in their Cars When Stuck in Traffic

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People perform diverse activities when their cars stuck in traffic and few of them; I am going to share with you.

Eating Soup

I was stuck in a traffic jam in Ohio, and I saw a woman who was eating a bowl of soup. I was just amazed; did she take it with her from home?


Our planet is full of bookworms even in the age of the internet. It was an interesting experience of my life when I saw a man who wrapped a book with his steering wheel. Can you imagine what kind of bookworm he was?

Typing and Drinking

Typing is normal because I also do typing when stuck in traffic but a man who was typing and drinking the coffee made me crazy. I thought what will happen if a cup of coffee slips on a laptop?

Talking on the Phone

I think this is normal behavior, and most of us talked on the phone when we stuck in traffic even many of us do it while driving, but according to my defensive driving instructor of Texas, we should avoid texting and talking on the phone while driving.  

Putting on Makeup

It belongs to women, and we can’t stop any woman from putting on makeup, but it sounds weird when you see a woman to put on makeup while driving or in traffic jams.

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