Weird Japan: Useless inventions, bizarre food, strange internet trends and more – Compilation

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1. Oct 17, 2015 — A Japanese company has invented a device that tells the user ahead of time when they will need to make a trip to the bathroom.

2. Sep 11, 2014 — A suckling pig is a baby pig that is slaughtered between the ages of two and six weeks and traditionally is roasted whole for special occasions.

3. Jun 17, 2013 — Eyeball licking, a new fad among Japanese teenagers is leading to the rise of eye-related infections such as conjunctivitis and eye chlamydia, doctors have reported. Eyeball licking, which is also called “worming” or oculolinctus, is an expression of intimacy, friendly, or otherwise, reports say.

4. Jun 29, 2015 — A western lowland gorilla named Shabani has women in Japan swooning over his good looks. The Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens in Nagoya, where Shabani lives, has recently experienced a significant increase in female visitors hoping to ogle and stare at the handsome Shabani.

5. Jul 18, 2015 — The Henn na Hotel, a new hotel in Japan, has the unique feature of being almost entirely run and controlled by robots.

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34 comments on “Weird Japan: Useless inventions, bizarre food, strange internet trends and more – Compilation

  1. Fucking gooks. This is why white people get their fetish excited.

  2. the zoo should hold a fan meeting with the gorilla.. assuming he's trained.

  3. Okay Japanese men over there, if your chick's side piece lives in a cage at the zoo, you shouldn't be in that relationship or any other. You need alone time to figure out what you did or didn't do that had your girl running to the zoo to fuck with a gorilla.

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