Volunteers install tubes to feed stray cats in Damascus

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Syrian volunteers set up tubes across Damascus to feed stray cats, as footage filmed on Sunday reveals.

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13 comments on “Volunteers install tubes to feed stray cats in Damascus

  1. These cats are more strong and loyal than 99.9% of Western politicians

  2. Nothing stops kind hearts of doing good, even when they are struggling with evil and surrounded with diabolical enemies. Thank you Syria you shall prevail

  3. Even syrian cats prefer Assad.
    Interestingly all pro Assad Syrians look european face, like dozens of Syrians i’ve met, but CNN find Saudi look syrians… always…

  4. God bless your kind hearts. You have inspired me to do the same.

  5. Cats look cute but they're voracious predators. Well fed cats will make boom boom and have lots of babies, good to keep down rat populations but tragic for birds and little lizards…

  6. Trump and Netanyahu will probably claim that the stray cats are 'enemy combatants', and order more missile strikes on Syria.

  7. Well done. There are some design issues but it’s a good start. You won’t find this even in Europe. Good job Syrian Arabs! God bless you.

    Don’t show this to the Israelis, Americans, terrorists nusra, kurds, and Isis, they will just kill the cats out of spite.

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