Very Funny Cats 72

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Yay it is caturday!
Please join my group!–

I can has cheezburger rules!–

LOLcats will rule the world and there will be no more violence and war on this planet.Fun and happyness is what they will spread all over the world.Everyday will be a caturday in the future!

Funny cats will rule the world! 滑稽的猫将统治世界! 滑稽的貓將统治世界! Lustige Katzen ordnen die Welt an! Les chats drôles ordonneront le monde ! Οι αστείες γάτες θα κυβερνήσουν τον κόσμο!I gatti divertenti regoleranno il mondo!おかしい猫は世界を支配する!재미있은 고양이는 세계를 지배할 것이다!Os gatos engraçados governarão o mundo! Смешные коты будут управлять миром!¡Los gatos divertidos gobernarán el mundo! Hauskat kissat määräävät maailmaa! القطط مضحك سوف يغزو العالم! Lustige Katzen ordnen die Welt an! Grappige katten zullen de wereld veroveren!

50 comments on “Very Funny Cats 72

  1. Whats the name of the song and another thing LOLcats will rule the world

  2. LOLZ!!!!!! CAT"S will rule the world! Their slogan : a scratching post in every home!

  3. @musicgirl411 idk but imagine that crawling around ur house. I would kill it. It reminds me of spiders. :O

  4. @Thomaslver
    They come in different sizes but the biggest one I have seen was as big as my laptop.

  5. Cute im sad those cats are poor well some and im so sad they have no home.

  6. Cheater! I saw a the swiss army cat from 54 in this one but the text said pocket protector.

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