Understanding the German mindset

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BAKU – The 20th century was one of the most violent and destructive periods in history. Millions upon millions had perished. At the centre of the hostility was Germany. Yet, over the course of the two world wars and the cold war, the government in Berlin underwent fundamental changes that continue to shape the behaviour and the geopolitical mindset of German policymakers.

Decisions Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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34 comments on “Understanding the German mindset

  1. Another great video. There is one point though where I would disagree and this is the one at 8:55 whith the claim that Eastern Germans want Government solutions in difference to the Western Germans. It's actually a bit more complex. Many Eastern Germans are very suspicious about the government and the media, because of their bad experiences during the Communist regime. They have developed a sense to smell when things go bad and the massive decline after 1990 has attributed a lot to an attitute not to rely or trust the government. In the West on the other hand, most people had it really nice since WW2 and they are completeley oblivious towards government and media manipulation. They still fundamentally trust the public sphere, which is why they don't realize the adverse effects of more government control and increased public spending towards Socialism. This complete lack of understanding of the extremely negative experience made by Eastern Germans contributes a lot to the political, social and cultural frictions between West and East.

  2. Ugh, the fact that you agreed with the bullshit anti-prussia rhetoric is disconcerting. Prussia should be a source of national pride, something which Germans are routinely punished for expressing. Prussia did not lead to the nazi party, ironically it was the french. The treaty of versailles was not a treaty of peace but simply a shift from conventional to economic war. It crippled the already devastated german economy. I am usually impressed by your content but this video was disappointing.

  3. Both German states utilised former SS and Nazi-Partymembers in there post war goverments, especially the west german federal police was predominantly recruited from former SS-cadres.

  4. It´s not O.K. to talk about Gestapo if you show NVA-Troops. In GDR the Secret-Service was called Stasi. The Gestapo was during Nazi-Regime. Don´t Compare. It´s difficult to explain all the differece about (both was constructed to suppres, but one was one right wing, and the other was on left wing. The normal german now hate both sides of extreme sides.

  5. Nicht umsonst sagt man: "gute alte preußische Werte". Aber darum kümmert sich niemand.

  6. Actually "Die Linke" isnt far-left but a bit more left than the SPD, which still puts it into less radical grounds than the communist parties etc, and Die Linke also isn't populist.

  7. 4:38 is great. It really gives you a sense of how pivotal Germany's geographic position is within Europe.

  8. @Caspianreports: Allthough you dont seem to be a native english speaker, im always irritated about the constantly wrong usage of communism and socialism. GDR/DDR/East Germany was NEVER – Communism. NEVER. IT was Socialism. I have no clue if this is a Translation issue or simply stupidity. The only country on this entire planet who claims to be using communism is china. Otherwise you are quite close in your evaluation, but the definition of communism and socialism is absolutely different. They are NOT the same. Ludwig Erhard contructed the wording of 'Soziale Marktwirtschaft' to prevent predatory capitalism, by blending social(isms) aspects into capitalism, coz he knew what will happen.

  9. 1:30 literally hates on Germany because the commies didn’t take over as fast as they did in France and UK.

  10. Calling socialism as "populist"?! Come on! Shirvan, you gotta ease down your anti-Communism. It is bordering McCarthyism! As a citizen of a former Soviet republic, it sounds too paranoid and persecutory, to always tell the story of other countries through these "post-traumatic lenses". Die Linke is a socialist party, not a communist party. You know the difference.

  11. OKAY, buddy, just a few seconds in we get conservative and intolerant ideas to flourish. What about progressive ideas that are fucking the hell out of people in the name of progress. I am out of here. Fuck You and your channel. Thumbs down.

  12. Bravo! Great job! Wow I am in my 30s and I knew a lot about Germany and this just added to it. Great job!

  13. Germany's unemployment is~3.6%. I can't see how East has double digit unemployment.

  14. Its great but i cant understand enough, my ears struggling. Please add subtitles, thank you

  15. It's foolish to reduce the politicial attitude of movements such as Pegida and AfD in the East to nostalgia for communist rule. You must understand that the German people are being fought systematically by the externally controlled
    state and that this happened in the West before it happened in the East. The German societies are way more intact than in the West and the East doesnt want the multiculturalism (which is a euphemism for white genocide) to destroy their lands as well and they fight for survival. Take my city in the West as an example. Germans have become a minority in the city center. When I walk 2 hours through the entire center of the city often I dont see a single German citizen. If you want to know more watch this video by a German whisteblower who got jailed for her revelations: https://www.bitchute.com/video/QDKj4Tn3oMyx/

  16. Ok ich spar mir das jetzt mal englisch und ganz zum Thema passt das auch nicht aber ich muss das jetzt mal los werden! Wenn Ihr mich fragt halten die Regierung und die Medien diese Mentale Ost West Barriere am Leben und zwar Tag täglich in sämtlichen „Statistiken“ und Umfragen wird nach Ost und West getrennt meine Frage ist WARUM??? Wir sind ein Land verdammt! Warum diese künstliche Teilung? Und das zieht sich durch denn ganzen Alltag! Irgend wer da oben zieht nutzen daraus das diese Mentale Barriere aufrecht erhalten bleibt anders kann ich mir das nicht erklären und das kotzt mich an!!!!

  17. Nice peace of fake history – but in fact, the denazification in the east was a much stronger movement in the east so the corner stone of your argumentation is rubbish.

  18. Lol – the Marshall Plan has not help to develope Germany as this project just allowed the Germans to buy American goods with a discout. The total amount of this discount was $1.4 Billion from 1948-1952. The most of this goods have been tabaco and cotton. Germany had just 10% of the Marsahll Plan fund as Britain, France and Italy had the lion share.

  19. It's like transition of the Fire Nation from the Last Airbender to Legend of Korra. (regarding the country as a whole, not the split up)

  20. Interesting point of view. But not unbiased toward Turkish mindset. For example, if east was mainly about opression, why people now deserve it and vote as they vote? Secondly, Merkel was one of the stasi agents, so this might explain a bit. Finally as far as i know, antifa is leftist, and they have strong hold in west. If there is one thing Germany does not do well, it is immigration. Wanting to protect border is not about more state, it is about state. Big government is desired both by east and west, since leftists want to take care of immigrants just as right. But in contrast, left will pay far more to them, that is a cost of deporting them.

  21. Prussia was a bastion of culture, industry, and science and before the Great War. The radical groups in Germany had little or no foothold on public opinion until after the collapse of the German Empire. The Glories of Prussia in the 19th century reinforced the public faith in their system of governance. The Hegemony desires of the Entente then Allies is what really ruined Germany. Remember Germany didn't start WWI and would have won that conflict if Britain didn't enter the war on the behalf of Belgium, because they wanted to protect its neutrality but a year later was violating the neutrality of Greece with 100,000's of troops, go figure….

  22. The 20th century is not one of the most violent in history, it is THE most violent.

  23. The so called 'Entnazifizierung' was a lot stronger in East Germany. SS-Officers were killed and send to Gulags and didn't joined the Stasi

  24. Excellent ! Thank you!
    I was surprised to learn that Germany received a smaller portion of the Marshall's plan(120 billion today SSS) next to Britain and France. The Soviets refused any part of it although they were offered by the allies. Unlike the popular beliefs, Europe's impressive recovery was due to many factors least of which was the Marshall Plan.

  25. you got some things wrong. but i am to tired right now to corekt you

  26. The left party "Die Linke" in Germany is not far-left in the same sense than the AfD is far-right. The AfD is racist and does not support the constitution of Germany, while the left party supports it. In addition, as your map shows the AfD is also popular in the south especially in Bavaria, but also in Baden-Württemberg (south-west).

  27. Wie heisst die Musik, die im Hintergrund läuft ?

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