Ukraine’s History Explained: WWI to 2014 Revolution

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A look at Ukraine’s current unrest through the lens of modern historical events. As the dust settled after World War I, Ukraine was defeated and divided and the Soviets controlled much of the country. In 1922 Ukraine, along with Russia, became the founding members of the Soviet Union…

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Современная история Украины
Сучасна історія України
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…Then in 1932 the great famine began and up to 10 million Ukrainians starved to death. It was made worse by the policies of the new head of the communist party, Joseph Stalin.
Then came the Great Terror: Two waves of Stalinist political repression and persecution in the Soviet Union resulted in the killing of some 681,000 people; including 80 percent of the Ukrainian cultural elite and three-quarters of all the Ukrainian Red Army’s higher-ranking officers.
Then came the outbreak of WWII.
German armies invaded the Soviet Union in June 1941, beginning four straight years of non-stop total war. In the battle of Kiev, Axis troops encircled and laid siege to the capital city. More than 600,000 Soviet soldiers were killed or taken captive there.
The total losses inflicted upon the Ukrainian population during the war are estimated between five and eight million, including over half a million Jews killed by Nazi death squads, sometimes with the help of local collaborators.
Corruption under Ukraine’s second president set the stage for the 2004 ascendence of then Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych to the Presidency in elections that the Ukrainian Supreme Court ruled were rigged.
Yanukovych was then thrown out of power in the peaceful Orange Revolution in favor of opposition leaders Viktor Yushchenko and Yulia Tymoshenko, who became President and Prime Minister. Yanukovych then regained the Prime Ministership in 2006, but lost a snap election just a year later that saw Tymoshenko become Prime Minister again. This map of those 2007 election results shows just how divided Ukraine is politically.
Then came the January 2009 natural gas crisis in which Russia stopped supplying gas to Ukraine in the middle of winter. Since Ukraine is itself the main supply route to much of Europe, this was a pretty big problem. Tymoshenko eventually signed an agreement to reopen the pipes, but not before Ukraine incurred major economic losses.
As a result of the political fallout, Yanukovych – who just does not go away – was elected President again in 2010. And in October, 2011, Tymoshenko was sentenced to seven years in prison for abuse of office because she signed the natural gas deal with Russian President Vladimir Putin.
In 2012 the European Union and Ukraine began negotiations for it to join the 28-nation group. President Viktor Yanukovych urged the parliament to adopt laws so that Ukraine would meet the EU’s criteria.
Bringing us to the 3-month old Euromaidan protests which began at the end of 2013 when Yanukovych – who was feeling the economic pressure – abruptly suspended efforts to join the EU. He then turned around and signed an agreement with Putin, who offered $15 billion in financial aid and a 33% discount on Russian natural gas.
As a result, the protests have escalated and become more violent, with many now calling for the ouster of Yanukovych and a rejection of the Russian deal in favor of a complete embrace of Europe.
Yulia Tymoshenko is released from custody in Kharkiv
Parliament impeaches President Viktor Yanukovych
President Yanukovych wherabouts unknown after fleeing Kiev
Parliament appoints new speaker and interior minister
Protesters take over security in Kiev

46 comments on “Ukraine’s History Explained: WWI to 2014 Revolution

  1. The video starts with a lie. Ukraine didn't even exist before WWI. Ukraine was created by USSR. Most of its current lands were given to the newly created republic by Lenin. And now they destroy his monuments all over Ukraine. Hypocrisy at its best. The one thing is true: this is the Modern history of Ukraine. Not the real one.

  2. This is so simplistic, one sided and just plain inaccurate. Great propaganda peace though.

  3. I am Asian and I know almost nothing about eastern European history. I heard there was the massacre by Mstislov of Kiev in 1132. I googled why such an incident happened but found no information written in English. Could anyone explain the reason why the massacre broke out, or provide a link that explains the incident? Thanks.

  4. Since Ukraine is so split, why not split up the country? It isn't an easy thing, but seems like the best option.

  5. слава Украйне героям слава???????????????

  6. History? Not much about Ukraine's orgins heh?…
    So basically Ukraine as Europe's biggest country is a soviet creation and less then 100 years old as a nation. Now I understand their identity crises.

  7. Ukraine never negotiated with the European Union to become an EU-member.

  8. This video is POISON – JUNK ! ! ! Some facts mix with lots of bias and propaganda. This explains NOTHING about history of that land. Land not Ukraine! Ukraine become Ukraine during and after Bolshevik Revolution 1917 – 1921. Officially declared independence on January 22 1918. Only for short time. March 10 1919 declared as one of independent states of USSR. Than was part of USSR till 1991. Prior to 1917 more than half of that land was part of Russian Empire for 200 years.

  9. and now my home is getting destroyed by these stupid ukranians
    why w can't just live in peace or why we can't become autonommy from Ukraine how Crimea was?!!!

  10. Stalin, the evil communist, staved to death 10 million Ukrainians! Ukraine loved democracy and communism was forced on Ukraine by Russia. That's a fact ! Russia has abused Ukraine for many, many years.

  11. So much lies in this video. This is made BY or FOR someone, who has 0 understanding of culture of this part of the world, does not speak the language and had never lived there for a long period. I would make it a crime to crate misinformation like this video as it effects many uneducated people, and as we know, uneducated bunch is majority.

  12. You know what, guys? While you are barking here – we are fighting! For our country, freedom and future. What are all yous, all those negative and smart doing to your countries? If yous can make a better video – go ahead, if not – just shut up. Thanks to the author ofthe video and Slava Ukaini!

  13. Ukrainian Jews were killed  in Holocaust by Ukrainian nationalists like Bendera under supervision of their Nazi masters

  14. Nowhere in this video is the word "genocide". The Holodomor was genocide. What more evidence do you need after finding out how many Ukrainian elites Stalin had murdered? Ukrainian nationalism became a sweeping force during WWI and Moscow murdered and pillaged to ensure Ukraine would never become an free, independent nation.

  15. Although you touched on the division within the country, your conclusion would lead people to believe that it was a majority of the population that took part in Euromaidan. In fact, the current situation in Donbass clearly indicates the truth: that Ukraine is as divided as a nation can be.

  16. Ukraine's history is almost equally as bad, if not worse than that of Poland. Just really sad.


  18. Украина была создана Лениным в 1918 г. Это была его ошибка. Украина, Россия и Беларусь живет один народ – русские.

  19. Leon Trotsky was Ukrainian.He is responsible for bloody October Revolution in St.Petersburg and he was the creator of the Red Army , Red Terror and Holodomor. Parashenko is just like Trotsky but of a lesser scale.

  20. sad…somebody did wrong choise and all country suffering for a long time…
    (i'm Ukranian)

  21. One of the most incomplete and biased histories I've ever seen. Ukraine has never been a sovereign nation and doesn't even appear on global maps until after the creation of the SSR's. Even today, it has a proxy government with elements from the US, the EU, and Georgia which totally violates the concept of sovereignty. It also fails to mention that the Nazis were shocked by the cruel and inhumane treatment of Jews by it's Ukrainian collaborators.

    About the Euromaidan, Ukraine has not modernized and it's becoming a western version of Afghanistan. Also, the police reacted to being rammed and torched by protesters and the US and EU warned them not to fight back. But the US and EU totally support the shellings and bloodshed in Donesk and Lugansk. Go figure. I only support countries, not anti-federalist regions of mob violence.

  22. Hello from Ukraine. If you have some questions, you can ask me about this country and it's policy below ??

  23. To all those who claim Ukraine was created by the USSR. Surely you can say that. But please explain me one thing: why would the USSR do that?

    If no Ukrainian nation existed prior to 1922 (as it is often argued), why would Moscow be interested in creating a separate nation within its own borders? Was it just for fun? Or because it didn't have enough problems and it wanted to lay foundations for the Ukrainian nationalism? Following your logic, the territory of Ukraine was inhabited by peope who identified themselves as Russians. Why would Soviet Russia than create the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic? If there was no Ukrainian nation, if there was no demand from Ukrainians, it could have proclaimed Ukraine as a part of the Russian Soviet Socialist Republic and avoid many problems for itself in the future.

  24. Talking about the history of Ukraine without mentioning Stepan Bandera and nationalism in the western parts during WWII? This is so far from the whole picture and if you are building your oppinions based on this video? You are right in the eyes of MSM and western rethoric, but you are wrong in the end. They don't want you to know the truth…

  25. Stalin was a Georgian, Kruschev was Ukrainian.
    Neither were actually Russian.

  26. Shame …shame… there is nothing that isn't obvious about Ukraine . You just skipped whole war in the 20's

  27. PROPAGANDA and LIES, RUSSIAN PEOPLE suffered MOST from Stalin. Ukraine was always most PRIVILIGED republic from the 15 of the big republics and countless smaller nations. After the INDEPENDENCE – the old Ukro NAZI (those who used to hang their own population in order to help Hitler soldiers – for a piece of sausage or other reasons) they got awoken and started re-writing HISTORY BOOKS – FINANCED by WASHINGTON – for schools and TV. RUSSIA KEPT SENDING UKRAINE MILLIONS AND MILLIONS – even after its Independent from USSR (that it got earlier than Russia!) – yet at the same time NEO Ukro powers kept growing (fed by USA). Recently UKRAINE cut WATER to CRIMEA – just because Crimea chose to be independent from NAZI Ukraine ! Putin had to supply gas to the freezing areas of Ukraine even RECENTLY – because Ukro JUNTA does not care for its people. Ukro JUNTA is killing the disagreeing in DONBASS – children and women. Future is GOOD, and good is RUSSIA.

  28. He did not even try to mention about the fact that Stalin killed millions of Russians too!

  29. 1/3 of the Ukraine, the most western part is sadly too Nazi, too antisemitism and full of sick nationalist mythology of Bandera. It's the land of hidden war crimes and hatred. That's why Ukraine is doomed to be a failed state.

  30. The population of Ukraine almost doubled during the period of 1910-1991 (from ~31 mln to ~52 mln) despite of two World wars, revolution, Civil war, famine of 1932 (that took place not in Ukraine only) and Stalin's repressions. And during the period of independence only depopulation is observed. In the beginning of 2014, before the Crimean runaway, there lived less people in Ukraine than in Soviet Ukraine in 1970. These are objective facts.

    If Ukrainian nationalists had achieved some independence (let's imagine such a fantastic event), it could be the independence only of a small part of Ukraine that belonged to Poland before the WWII and to Austria before the WWI, because almost nobody supported them in the main part of Ukraine. Theoretically, the puppet state under the auspices of Hitler could be formed on that territory (similarly to Slovakia), which would be more than enough for Bandera, however the whole Ukrainian territory was intended for German colonization.
    Most of Ukrainians supported Soviet power and fought in Red Army (my Ukrainian grandfather among them).

    Stop your forcking brainwashing.

  31. If the history is from WWI than you should mention this war and also time when Ukraine was independent (1918-1921) and Bolshevik occupation later

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