“U.S.-led coalition air raid kills 25 civilians”

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Syrian media say U-S-led coalition warplanes have targeted residential areas in the country’s northeastern province of Hasakah, killing at least 25 civilians.
The death toll is expected to rise as many others have also been wounded. Women and children are among the victims. The strike targeted al-Fadhl village. The U-S-led coalition has carried out regular strikes across war-torn Syria since 20-14. The coalition says the purpose of the air raids is to take out terrorists, but facts on the ground show that civilians have been the main victims of such attacks. The strikes lack authorization from the Syrian government and the United Nations Security Council

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40 comments on ““U.S.-led coalition air raid kills 25 civilians”

  1. Why is the world just watching America, Israel, and Suadi Arabia destroy our world? Killing innocent people for selfish reasons its sickening

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  3. The sooner the USA gets out of Syria and puts thier war dogs on a leash, the sooner peace will come to the region. They just need to admit their blunder – 6 years of planning and 7 years of unsuccessful terror campiagn has gained nothing but 600 000 deaths of inecent civilians 11 0000 000 displaced Syrians and total destruction of the Syrian infrustructure. All in the name of democracy, regime change, US national security ???? Oh, yeah oil and gas pipelines and world dominance according to the new World Order Charter by the Zionist. STOP THE WAR NOW

  4. The majority of the city were former Assyrians / Syrians, but it is dominated today by both Kurds, Arabs and Assyrians / Syrians. It is considered by the Kurds of the area to be part of Syrian Kurdistan

  5. The kurds will not suffer because they take the wrong ally but because they are TRAITORS.

  6. Anyway it's not the usa…Or france…or canada…or uk… It's just a couple of mongolian shitty heads that still pushing to their old cancerous project. The same guy that put the cancer of the humanity on the Palestinian land.

  7. The US and Israel will never stop unless Russia or the world demands so. But I believe that Russia is not in Syria to protect Syrians but their pipe interests for this reason they are allowing the US and Israel to do whatever they want in Syrian land

  8. I bet you not going to hear the us Media talking about this story as they do on other stores when it's about other countries 🤔

  9. it is ofcouse exact the other way around….the kurds were driven of the land by the arabs and are now claiming it back

  10. I forget the exact ratio of collateral damage to enemy combatants the US military uses but I do recall that it was higher than 25, meaning this particular strike is kosher.

  11. Americans doing what Americans do best, killing innocent people.

  12. How many civilians have the Americans killed in mosul raqqa anbar salahdeen northern syria afganistan yemen the figure is in the tens thousands Americans Russian Assad Shia kurdish turkish Saudi apostate filth are all to blame they are all killers of muslims .

  13. ©™ ALX ⚖ Observations ✍✍

    The US Illegal in Syria is having it's troops secure oil and water resources because Transnational Corporations who finance congressmen and White House campaigns and inturn use the military and CIA NSA FBI to leverage access to resources and markets for the benefit of stockholders equity and dividends and capital gains are dictating foreign and domestic policy for Uncle Sam who's dictating foreign policy for NATO coalition and EU members to some extent.

  14. Those flights are about murdering Syrians who support the government!!!

  15. America is so murderous just what they did in Laid, Vietnam , Cambodia!!! Same BS!!!

  16. The evil that exist is tremendous in the western powers!!!

  17. Russia should give Syria an Iran nukes and America the school yard bully will run home crying.

  18. Corrupt CIA Is Responsible For The Attack The 🇺🇸 USA needs to get out from Syria it's none off our businesses enough is enough stop wasting American 🤑 money 💰

  19. My country sucks😡😡😡 where the bullies of the world with a free to kill pass👎👎👎

  20. USA did not protect people anywhere they were fight .

  21. because US government,Military was run,control, manipulated by the Dark Unseen Multi Layer Power Structure ,the unseen world Government,the NETWORK of all evilness in the face of Planet Earth,

  22. The United snake of America is trying to protect the Kurdish held area. This is where the oil pipelines of Syria are located. The only way this will end, is if there is a major war with the US mercenary, military to completely get them kicked out of Syria. Syria must finish this war and take back their sovereignty or there will be suffering always. The Kurds tried the same tactic in Iraq and it did not workout. US is playing with the same old military tactics and it has no new ideas. US has lost this war and is clinging on for dear life.

  23. Americans must leave Syria immediately and stay out stop supporting Isis therrorist with weapons and get out of Syria and stay out, the Americans are in Syria illegally according to international law so they are killing innocent civilians, not therrorist as they claim. Kill all Americans troops in Syria and send their bodies back to Trump in body bags if they don't get out of Syria

  24. The Americans should pay for all the destruction they inflicted on Syria for the last seven years, they entered into Syria uninvited and broke international law by attacking another country without provocation, Nuke Israel to teach Zionist jews in the USA that attacking Syria will not stand.

  25. Bush Sr didn't follow the Iraqi army up the Baghdad highway on the advice of experts who told him it risked a sectarian war. Junior deliberately ignited a sectarian war, and the US has been stoking sectarianism and division everywhere in the world from Africa, to the ME, to the former Soviet republics and Warsaw pact countries. It's doing it right now in Armenia.


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