Two Stupid Cats – Epic Fail Cat Channel Trailer :D

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Trailer for my channel Two Stupid Cats. Its a show about my two persians Hurricane and Honey Bee. Ive just recently started with this, so aint much up yet, but more is in the works. Currently its 3 main series: Two Stupid Cats (which is episodes with original storys) Two Stupid Cats Plays ( Which focus on them playing games, now Ark Survival Evolved) and last is Honeybee Reviews (Which is more of a comedic film review thingy, dont take it too serious 🙂 )

Anyway i hope you like it, and if you dont let me know why, feedback is awesome 😀

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Directed using Cyberlink Powerdirector/DaVinci Resolve and voices by TTS apps.

Note: They are not fighting , they are playing, they do that shit all the time. They are actually 7 years old , and brother – sister from the same litter. Honeybee is the girl, but its just so damn funny with that voice, so for the sake of the series shes a boy i guess.. that or a very butch girl haha

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  1. Hey great channel trailer man. I really mean it! You have such great potential to become a great YouTuber and your channel looks great too! Would you mind checking out my channel and give me some support it would REALLY mean a lot to me because my channel is kinda new. Thanks you're awesome and have a super amazing day 🙂

  2. Please share , comment, like and all that good stuff ! Feedback is awesome ????

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