Trump’s Commerce Secretary Makes A LOT Of Money From Russia

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Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross is in hot water for lying to the Senate about his ties to Russia. John Iadarola and Mark Thompson, the hosts of The Young Turks, discuss. Tell us what you think in the comment section below. Join TYT:

“Wilbur Ross, the commerce secretary in the Trump administration, shares business interests with Vladimir Putin’s immediate family, and he failed to clearly disclose those interests when he was being confirmed for his cabinet position.

Ross — a billionaire industrialist — retains an interest in a shipping company, Navigator Holdings, that was partially owned by his former investment company. One of Navigator’s most important business relationships is with a Russian energy firm controlled, in turn, by Putin’s son-in-law and other members of the Russian president’s inner circle.

Some of the details of Ross’s continuing financial holdings — much of which were not disclosed during his confirmation process — are revealed in a trove of more than 7 million internal documents of Appleby, a Bermuda-based law firm, that was leaked to the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung. The documents consist of emails, presentations and other electronic data. These were then shared with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists — a global network that won the Pulitzer Prize this year for its work on the Panama Papers — and its international media partners. NBC News was given access to some of the leaked documents, which the ICIJ calls the “Paradise Papers.”

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Hosts: John Iadarola, Mark Thompson

Cast: John Iadarola, Mark Thompson


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24 comments on “Trump’s Commerce Secretary Makes A LOT Of Money From Russia

  1. wrap up the swamp in a purse seine and cull them all at once from office. ARREST/ impeach the swamp.

  2. Wolfpac… state by state… REVOKE CORPORATE CHARTERS! Actually go after the money.

  3. Just dropped by to drop a dislike and remind you guys how full of shit you are . Looking forward to the next time cenk tries participate in an adult conversation .?

  4. So he has a stake in a listed company that has clients including companies owned by Russians..? I mean it indicates questionable judgement, but it's hardly a crime.

  5. uranium one 150 million into clinton foundation. 500k speaking fee for bill. john podesta shares in russian company. debbie shultz and the whole foreigner tech firm with access to most of congress. donna brazille book. scAred for her life friends with seth rich. i can keep going. can you stop me with anything substantial. no. because they have nothing on trump. he is not corrupt like them. he is not conpromised with whatever someone has over them. pedophilia or whatever black male the washington elite use. the facts will be reported by you accurately soon enough as you will have no choice. trump justice department is not closed. what do you think Jeff sessions have been working on in quiet this whole time

  6. should I even start about a private server design to disguise any activity and bribery pushing money to the foundation as state secretary

  7. There are no "ties" to Russia you ASSHAT….he owns some stock in a publically traded company that isn`t even on a "Sanctions List"….he even disclosed this on 278 Form.
    Looks like I have "ties to Russia" too…..ROTMFFLMOO

  8. OMG TYT is done bro everyone that has read the leaks knows your telling lies bro you cant spin a fact into a lie bro it dont work like that.

  9. Dear Trolls, Any corruption by Hillary does not reduce forgive or mitigate the massive corruption of the Trump administration specifically and the Republican Party generally. Plus the Republicans have invented so many fake scandals over the last 3 decades that they have become the party that cried Benghazi. I don't take what they say seriously. Just lock up the entire Trump administration and be done with it.

  10. This is hilarious. “Check the form, I disclosed this” and when people look at said form it’s very clear he didn’t disclose anything. That’s like robbing a bank with no mask and saying “check the camera, I wasn’t there” as he’s staring right into the camera.

  11. I'm sure there's a lovely dacha waiting in Russia for Trumpsters. Probably in Putin's neighborhood, so they can snicker together about how they screwed their countries.

  12. I've noticed that the more these stories come out that fewer troll/bot comments are posted.

  13. Maybe Mueller will posit a deal – Section 25 in return for leniency for corrupt cabinet members!

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