Trump renews accusations against Iran

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US President Donald Trump has renewed accusations against Iran.

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11 comments on “Trump renews accusations against Iran

  1. No enrichment above five per cent , that is medical and research purposes , Iran comply's with that limit , so the reason must be the fact Iran is capable of defending its sovereignty ! and the Zio.nist / Takfiris alliance ,only attack country's without efficient military defence .

  2. Waging a war on Iran by the US and its western allies is part of the plan to establish a Zionist New World Order on behalf of the State of Israel and has been mentioned since the false flag event on 9/11 was planned by the Mossad/CIA/MI6 (YouTube: General Wesley Clark tells of how Middle East destabilization was planned as far back as 1991).

    In the meanwhile Iran became one of the major obstacles in the attempts by the USA/Britain/France and Israel to realize the division of Syria and Iraq on behalf of the enlargement of the State of Israel (YouTube: Russia is stopping USA's Secret Mideast Strategy "Greater Israel"). And with its support for Hezbollah Iran is also preventing the occupation of Lebanon by Israel.

    With the incompetence of the US and British armies to realize any of the goals of the State of Israel the desperation among the Zionist is growing to dangerous proportions. Even the creation of proxy terror armies like Daesh could not further their agenda (YouTube: Smoking gun proof that ISIS is a CIA MOSSAD MI6 job). And now the creation of a new terror army using Syrian Kurds is facing the ire of Turkey that is also being targeted to lose territories to the Zionist New World Order State of Israel. With all this mishap the prospects for world-peace look dim to say the least.

  3. We all know Iran is determined to possess nuclear weapons. Your not fooling anyone.

  4. I hope Iran gets some nuclear bombs to deter the Diabolical Parasitic Entity of IsraHELL. Because of the Jews our government has already destroyed 7 countries and killed more than 10 million innocent people in the last 15 years. They want to destroy Iran? Think twice because Iran is a powerful country and will be helped by Russia, China, Turkey, Iraq, Hezbollah, and may be North Korea. IsraHELL will be wiped out from the face of the earth soon.

  5. trump he anglo cracker when he touch so called west wall at stolen palatine land he turned to massive heavy duty zion it is strange every time anglo cracker touch that wall ?

  6. USA empire is continuation of the British empire after 1946
    what is that mean ?
    That means USA is stuck in 18th century British empire geo politics

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