Trump & Melania meet Japan’s Emperor & Empress

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President Donald Trump and first lady Melania met Japan’s Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko on Monday, the second day of his first visit to Japan as American leader

34 comments on “Trump & Melania meet Japan’s Emperor & Empress

  1. President Obama out of respect bowed. As it is customary. I would of done the same thing. 45, can't grasp nothing. As he is self-explanatory serving & delusional. Ugh

  2. Trump is a spunky guy for being 71. Only 12 years younger than the Emperor.

  3. Obama putting in some effort and trying to adapt to the local customs = disgrace. Because obviously Americans want to be know as boorish fools who disdain other cultures and whose singular focus is whether or not they're still the "big man on campus." Don't forget, such posturing is the surest sign of weakness. It's just what Kim Jong Un does and he is rightly mocked for it.

  4. Obama was just showing respect for the Japanese culture. They bow that deeply. Nothing wrong with that. It was the EMPEROR of Japan. Royalty. Trump should have bowed slightly more. Show respect.

  5. Trump not only made a mockery of the United States, but inadvertently bowing too deeply before the Emperor of Japan. Head up comrade Trump!

  6. Rumor has it that the Japanese Emperor asked Donald Trump if he could sleep with Trump's Sex Pot Wife.

  7. The Japanese Emperor can still get it up and he has the power to have Sex.

  8. I understand America has its pride, I understand Prez Trump & First Lady were simply going with flow of thoughts what some Americans expected of their leaders, a big pride of its country.  But do please have some basic manners when visiting abroad.  Japan may have its dark military past but it is a totally different country today.  It is the most courteous & loved country in the world -ask the retailers & restauranteurs. Its citizens never quitted their country despite of many earthquakes (war-torn Arabs should learn from them: loyalty to own motherland).

  9. Don’t forget that the Japanese royal family only just survived thanks to the American occupation force. Why should a POTUS bow to the Japanese Emperor? It would be OK, however, the other way around. For all these years the Emperor is in reality a subject to the American Empire.

  10. Obama's smart. He knows how to respect..N so gained respect from them. Bowing, respecting elders n other cultures makes u a decent human.

  11. Don’t you bow in Japan anyways, like people bow that deep just for thank yous.

  12. Привет японцы, а мы вас бомбили атомными бомбами

  13. Why would Trump bow to an emperor of Japan? I'm pretty sure that we defeated their last and final emperor so…

  14. I like the gray suit how it fades to white, classy outfit! Melania beautiful as always!

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