Trump: Iran must negotiate or something will happen

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A day after pulling out of an international nuclear deal with Iran, US President Donald Trump has again threatened Tehran.
President Trump’s decision to pull out of the nuclear deal has been criticized by the rest of the signatories to the agreement. The move has further strained already tense relations between the US and Europe. But Israel, Saudi Arabia and its allies have welcomed Trump’s decision.

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40 comments on “Trump: Iran must negotiate or something will happen

  1. The Roman Empire (4th Beast of Daniel 7:7) currently led by the USA is in the process of completing its last and final migration to be headquartered in Jerusalem. This process formally started on 9/11 with preparations for the arrival of the `fake` Israeli (Revelation 2:9 and 3:9) messiah known as the Antichrist. Because these preparations (rebuilding of the `Temple of Solomon` and the `Greater Israel` project) are all failing, the only option left for the Zionists is WWIII.

    The continuous repeat of the `Iranian nuclear weapons threat` is an indication that the USA plans to use nuclear weapons against Iran as it is clear that they would suffer greatly and even lose in a conventional war or attempt to occupy that nation. Iran, Hezbollah and Russia are considered to be major stumbling blocks in realizing the `Greater Israel` project, so Russia and Hezbollah are also targets.

  2. hmmmmmm just like Noko threat but doing nothing….whattt a funnnyyy😅😅😅😅😅

  3. It is not isreal who supplies weapons to invade other countries .isreal is a puppet to America

  4. that British Neanderthal voted for another Neanderthal in AMERICA and are now complaining

  5. Excellent video, PressTV. It is time to tell it like it is. Trump is off the rails. Much respect to Mr. Spring. He speaks for so many of us. I actually think it may work out for the EU to have the freedom to take its own course. If the EU follows through on this opportunity, the result could be very positive for Europe and the world. The EU could take a less hostile approach to Brexit and actually become the model of government it claimed to be. This is too serious for petty bickering, the EU needs to begin refusing these sanctions and stabilizing the global situation. The process may have already begun.

  6. ©™ ALX ⚖ Observations ✍

    As long as the other signatories stay with the JCPOA then the US is irrelevant. Governments need to guarantee their businesses of coverage and protection from sanctions.

  7. Shit Trump is the cruelest joke on the American People?

  8. I could not agree less with Mr Spring from london. I agree that Trump is ready to be locked up in a pshychiatric hospital and stay there until he is rehabilitated and becomes a true Christian.
    Trump is in the pants of the Rockfellers and obeiyng at each and every demand they come up with. Who has the power and the ability to take them down?? The cabal must leave NOW!! And we can see that now Trump is being pulled down the swamp…. Bravo you dumb traitor!!!! God bless all light workers. Thank you for this chanel by the way. And I hope you will continue reporting the news as they are. Hard facts, not fiction.

  9. I thought America doesn't negotiate with terrorists? Let alone the worlds sponsor of terror…

  10. I love this man thank you thank you US and Israel are the Satans behind all the sufferings of human beings everywhere!👹🇮🇱🇺🇸👹

  11. The US has always threatened other countries. The US thinks it can dictate policies of other countries with impunity. Trump is acting like the best president Israel ever had.

  12. This is real news man as an American I don’t believe those Zionist stooges

  13. There is an Elvis song about trumpino… You ain't nothing but a hound dog…

  14. You know what Donald Trump either you shut your mouth before you lead us into war and get those people so mad they come over here and take you out stop your stupidity and foolishness plus stop with your attitude you’re not bigger and better than anyone else so for now shut up keep kissing Israel’s ass like Netanyahu before we Americans take you outta office, you’ll never get reelected either but rather impeached

  15. Donald Trump and his butt buddy Bibi Netanyahu is making people think that all Jews are awful demons like those filthy Zionist Jew bastards now stop it dumb dumb Donald the donkey please move to Israel where you really wanna be, maybe sleep with Bibi and his wife seeing you suck up to him any time he tells you to kneel down you do it ya foolish big headed bird brain

  16. Donald trump aint crazy this BS has nothing to do with him it has to do with the Elite Khazars who control israel
    they are Satanists and they are doing this on purpose. The END of America is near it's written in Torah aka bible 100% will happen

  17. TScumP probably had another chocolate cake. He is psychopath and the west culture politics and morality based on Darwinian jungle law animal goy and controlled by cursed forever by God and hate by all humanity of all time the Jews. There are satanists and pedophile liberals as well that pretend to be different then Darwinian animal goy and cursed Jews. No news and actions from west will do good for them because anything and everything the west and Jews doing, the credibility and trust will never restored. The decent nations and people should separate themselves from this sinking ship.

  18. America has been infiltrated by globalists /Zionists, they do the bidding of the Rothschilds and the entities near Rome who want Jerusalem as their new headquarters and take the seat that doesn't belong to them.
    Trump does the bidding for the Rothschilds and other entities.
    This is a true nightmare against all Humans.
    Sorry Syria and Iran evil runs this country.

  19. The world powers should come together and take down this next hitler before they kill more innocent people.

  20. America will not pay extortion money to Iran for not building nukes.
    Why give Irans terrorist regime money when you can simply bomb any facilty they use to develop or produce nukes.

  21. the Jewmerican slaves have to die for their Jew buddies !!! ………….what a Jew puppet !!! why isn't that poor Trump clown wearing his kippah !

  22. American mass murderer should be boycotted and sanctioned till they run their Jewmerican mouth anymore !!!………

  23. I think U.S is out of options for the next president but they can find another Trump in mental institute Hospital😷

  24. "something will happen."
    sure will…nuclear false flag in either NYC or somewhere in Europe, blamed on Iran…war is the goal for the global elite.

  25. You are nobody to dictate what other country must do, fuck you Donald pump.

  26. IF we're out of the Iranian deal, what's the big bloody fuss with all these threats? Threats? Come on guys enough is enough …


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