Trey Gowdy Blasts Jeff Sessions on Donald Trump Russia Hearing ‘This is NOT American’

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Trey Gowdy uses his allotted time during the Sessions hearing making statements about the justice department. He also mentions how he will be investigating Hillary Clinton for any 2016 campaign malpractice. This comes after a 2 year, 7 million dollar tax funded Benghazi panel led by Trey Gowdy found no wrong doing by Clinton. He also asks about James Comey, but nothing to do will Sessions lying under oath or details pertaining to known meeting with Sessions and Russian officials.

5 comments on “Trey Gowdy Blasts Jeff Sessions on Donald Trump Russia Hearing ‘This is NOT American’

  1. One of the biggest liars in the USA! Seize Arrest Try Convict & Federal Prison fir Life. Traitor to America! GET OYT

  2. Trey is the man for president, Strong moral grounds, highly believes in telling the truth, is not a greedy man that greed gets in the way forgetting about the people. Trey would make the best president ever but is a high target for people of greed that don't want to see the system to change,, rich CEO's that took away factories in the USA and planted them in China want it to stay like that, These rich CEOs will hire hit man to make sure no president gets his way by moving all factories back to the USA. If Trey becomes president and gets executed like JFK for an attempt to make this a better planet, I will understand. Sometimes people die when they go out of their way to Make America Great Again.. I can't picture Trump taking a bullet to make all products that people buy sourced in the USA creating JOBs for everyone, no more overseas CEO back stabbers.

  3. How can they find wrong doing if Gowdy didn't even have security clearance blocking him from investigating information that was quoted as being "a matter of National Security" and not given answers to his questions during the panel investigation.

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