Transformers come true! Japanese engineer builds 8.5m tall robot

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Footage filmed in Gunma on Friday showcased ‘Mononofu’, a giant drivable robot designed by Japanese engineer Masaaki Nagumo and inspired by the science fiction animation series ‘Mobile Suit Gundam.’ Developed at Sakakibara Kikai, a farm machinery company, LW-Mononofu, as it is officially known, is 8.5m tall (28ft), has two legs and weighs more than 7 tons.


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35 comments on “Transformers come true! Japanese engineer builds 8.5m tall robot

  1. Clickbait because transformers can transform, this is a mech.

  2. Transformers? This is Japan! The Robot should be called as Gundam!!

  3. brave man engineering.. that pulley ladder thing looks insanely scary to use, trusting all your ties to not come undone, stuff that!!!

  4. Looks like we're gonna be facing Monsters with giant robots and Trasnforming cars

  5. Impressive. Might want to fix the title though, its more of a giant robot mech and less of a transformer

  6. I think they should make real macros than transformer…..

  7. Only need some c-4 to destroy it, lol. Just kidding. Well done jpn

  8. What is the point? Why do people keep making this shit? If someone is going to make another mech suit, plz make it's joints go faster then 1 degree per second ffs! We dont need this slow crap that is barely able to walk. Wee need a scaled up version of boston dynamics Atlas! This is nothing but an expensive statue.

  9. The fucker doesn't transform. That was the longest 1:47 of my life waiting for it to fold up into a car!

  10. WTF is he going to do with that? Cruise the bars? LOL

  11. I think a Transformer is a sentient being that can uhh…TRANSFORM NIGGA!?!

  12. Definitely not a Transformer, but I'm getting a hint of the Diaclone branch in here. Specifically Roadbuster in the head, some TF Animated in the lower legs, and a Swindle esque color scheme/gun. Little bit of Diaclone, little bit of TF, but no Gundam. Some Japanese, yes, but not specifically Gundam.

  13. I bet the Japanese Govt. And Army will fund this and in a few years time. We will have an actual Humanoid Robo war machine.

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