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50 comments on “TOP 15 JOHN CANDY MOVIES

  1. For a moment there I thought you weren't going to include Summer Rental!

    It is not a very good film in itself but Candy makes it enjoyable to watch. I think it's one of his most hilarious performances.

    "Hi, I'm Joe Public, welcome to my beach!"

  2. Going Beserk rarely gets mentioned…that was a really funny movie…i like all candy movies..Going Beserk, brewsters millions, summer rental, the great outdoors, planes trains and automobiles, speed zone, spaceballs, only the lonely, delirious, whos harry crumb, armed and dangerous(my favourite), once upon a crime, wagons east, nothing but trouble, canadian bacon…God bless John Candy, you were a true legend and you touched many lives with your comedy

  3. @PreviewDude52797 he was only in a very small role in home alone.

  4. planes and trains number 1, then harry crumb but regardless they were all great as was the man himself

  5. Planes trains and automobiles blows summer rental outta the water. Just sayin

  6. I thought Planes, Trains and Automobiles would be the top one, with Uncle Buck as number 2.

  7. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles is most definitely number one on my list.

  8. you are missed John Candy! YOU ARE LEGEND YOU WILL NEVER DIE!

  9. Grew up with greatoutdoors armed and dangaurs planes trains and automobiles my favorite john candy movie all time is uncle buck

  10. Armed and Dangerous was fucking funny. Of course, Stripes was the best, followed by Planes, Trains…, & Summer Rental. The rest were just 'ok'.

  11. Blues brothers should have been in there somewhere even though he didn't star he had some good moments

  12. @Mimiplus2 its called "the great outdoors"….it was the ol 96ozer he ate…and if he eat all the grizzle too, they would throw in some hats and tshirts for the kids lmao

  13. @trippyhippy12, "orange whip, orange whip 3 orange whips"…..Classic!

  14. I love John Candy rest in piece big fella, you are missed!

  15. Love your list but i personally LOVE "Only the Lonely" think that is his best acting job. Love that, But your right Uncle Buck is a CLASSIC and his BEST!!!!!!!

  16. Havn't seen half of these movies but I will watch them now if John Candy is in them! Thanks for posting!


  18. I am searching for a movie staring John Candy called Arrow. Can anyone help me?

  19. was 'nothing but trouble' the one where he lived with his mother? if not what the hell was it called?

  20. Uncle Buck, "you should see the toast i couldnt even get it threw the door" haha

  21. I agree with this list 100%….Summer Rental and Uncle Buck…he was amazing…

  22. Good Job Clubdj95, nice to see someone got it right. RIP John, we love ya

  23. I like your choices for John Candy movies,  Uncle Buck is my number 1 as well – my second favorite is Cool Runnings.

  24. uncle buck can only be number one,  rip john candy we miss you

  25. Cool running's was probably the only official documentary movie John Candy has been in! Fun and beautiful prospective movie of real people!

  26. i agree with all accept I think planes trains automobiles should be number 2 and summer rental should be number 3 PTA was a amazing movie deserves to be number 1 or 2 in my opinion since nothing can replace uncle buck pta should remain number 2

  27. 1. Uncle Buck2. Summer Rental3. Planes, Trains & Automobiles4. Who's Harry Crumb5. Brewster's Millions

  28. Take this quarter, go downtown, and have a RAT naw that thing off your face!! (Winks!) Good day to you, madam!

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