Top 10 Saddest Death Scenes In Superhero Movies

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Top 10 Saddest Death Scenes In Superhero Movies
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It wouldn’t be a superhero movie without a tragic death scene, and these are the ones that really choked us up! WatchMojo presents the Top 10 Saddest Superhero Death Scenes! But what till take the top spot on our list? Will it be Ben Parker in Spider-Man, Wolverine in Logan, or Bruce Wayne’s parents in Batman Begins? Watch to find out!

#10. Yondu Udonta
#9. Nina & Magda
#8. Jonathan Kent
#7. Rachel Dawes
#6. Doctor Octopus
#5. Steve Trevor
#4. Gwen Stacy
#3, #2, #1 ?

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45 comments on “Top 10 Saddest Death Scenes In Superhero Movies

  1. If u r wondering how Quicksilver died Quicksilver sacrifices his life to save Hawkeye and a little child after Ultron tried to killed Hawkeye with a quinjet

  2. I sympathise with Logan being number one, but YONDU AS NUMBER 10?!?? Possibly one of the most devastating deaths in MCU’s history…

  3. Death of logan and professor x made me cry. Specially logan the character played by Hugh jackman always lived in our hearts

  4. "Those who suffer a loss require support from friends or loved ones." – Baymax.

  5. Heart breaking deaths
    Shows Coulson getting stabbed in the heart

  6. I found the wolverine one very stupid and disappointing don't know what I wanted, but an evil version of him and having a tree go through his body was the dumbest death they could make for him

  7. logan still has the ability to come back alive…

    well it might sounds a bit dumb but he still got a chance to come back alive as taken from reddit..

    "He can still heal in the rest of the movie it's just slowed down and less powerful, so it leaves a scar. And in the Days of Future Past movie, he drowns and technically dies. Then his injuries healed and he came back to life once he got oxygen to his brain."
    i guess his death gave the writers some easy way to bring him back alive if they want or they might plot just like what dc did with superman might be one of the mutants to bring him back alive just like batman did to superman

  8. HEY quicksilver honorable mention?
    Logan IS a honorable mention, you sucker quicksilver #1

  9. Watchmojo should stop putting clips in their intros…they almost showed all the characters in d intro itself

  10. I call bullshit on #8. Why is everyone forgetting about Johnathan Kent's death in the original Superman (1978)? His death is Man of Steel was not earned in the slightest. Aside from Costner's bored performance, the circumstances surrounding this version of the death were nonsensical. Letting himself get sucked into the tornado just so that he could show Clark that he shouldn't use his powers to save people? You gotta be kidding me. He could have easily gotten the dog out when he initially ran away from the car. It's just stupid. I will say though, kudos to WatchMojo for recognizing the original Uncle Ben death in the first Raimi Spider-Man and not the poorly set up one in Amazing Spider-Man.

  11. What makes Gwen's death all the more tragic is how contrived the circumstances were. All so that there could be a Spider-Man and Green Goblin fight.

  12. QuickSilvers was sooo sad😭😭😭😭😭😢😭😭😭😢😓😥

  13. They may have to redux this list after infinity war, who agrees?

  14. I remember when I watched Logan for the first time, I never expected that Logan would die and when he did, I started crying like a 5 year old (I'm 13)

  15. If Logan was not number 1 I swear to God I would've disliked all the videos that exist.

  16. I hate watchmojo (sometimes) i hate waiting for 3-5 minutes until they get to the real thing😂

  17. No matter how u look at it Logan's death is the most saddest Death in all Cinematic Universe.😭😭😭😭

  18. Ok, who the hell makes these lists ? Who votes for them actually ? Yondu's death, nr 10 ? Magneto's family was on screen for so little time, you never actually connect with them, apart from Fassbender's gut-wrenching cry. Rachel ? Doc Oc ? ….Jonathan Kent ? Who cares, really, about them ? If you would care about a Jonathan Kent, it would be about the one portrayed in Smallville, which you got to know and love. And Batman's parents ? Come on, those guys get killed every 5-6 years when they "reimagine" Batman and you never spend any time with them whatsoever. From this list, the only mentions worth noting are Gwen's death, that crack sound killed me, Wolverine's death, even though we were ready for it and Yondu's, who's funeral made me cry in the theater. And yeah, I'm a guy. Seriously, when making top 10s, let the viewers pick.

  19. Wrong, Logan will NEVER die. Not as long as we have seen and read his adventures and carry them in us. 🙃

  20. Maybe, Tony Stark’s parents in Civil War also. It caused not only regret for Tony in how he last talked to his folks, but also the revelation of WHO done it that leads to a devastating rift with close friend, Captain America.

  21. Did not like roarchachs death not the place on the list but the way he died😯😐😑😟😝😝gross I've only seen like half for of watchmen

  22. The death of magnetos wife and daughter who we only see for like 5 – 10 minutes is sadder then yondu's death? no

  23. I don't cry at movies, but when X-23 tilted the cross to make an X, that got me.

  24. Why the fuck thid they hse dylan as superman when he was a child? They look nothing alike

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