Top 10 Movie Universes That You Didn’t Know Were Linked

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Top 10 Movie Universes That You Didn’t Know Were Linked
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These franchises have more in common than you realize. Did you know that Spy Kids and Machete take place in the same universe? Or that E.T. is a resident of the galaxy far, far away? Those are just a couple examples of surprisingly connected cinematic universes. WatchMojo counts down the top movie universes you didn’t know were linked.

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#10. “Spy Kids” franchise (2001) & “Machete” (2010) franchise
#9. “Star Wars” franchise (1977) & “E.T. the ExtraTerrestrial” (1982)
#8. “Transporter” franchise (2002) & “Collateral” (2004)
#7. “Jaws” franchise (1975) & “Piranha” franchise (1978)
#6. Pixar Universe Theory (1995)
#5. Disney Universe (1937)
#4. Stephen King Movie Multiverse (1976)
#3, #2, #1???

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38 comments on “Top 10 Movie Universes That You Didn’t Know Were Linked

  1. 4:04 the crazy thing is…it has been confirmed due to disney sharing a gif about it on their twitter account

  2. 4:46 it has also been confirmed by a LOT of things like Timon and Pumbaa in their spin off show they meet a human chef which means humans exist which also explains how Hercules got his hands on Scar's pelt

  3. 5:22 that was confirmed by one of the directors behind Frozen so not really a theory anymore

  4. 8:37 really they are so different one with a race of extraterrestials taht use other sentient beings as hosts for a limited time and artifical humans are in the same universe

  5. Has anyone watched Working Girl? Harrison Ford and S Weaver

  6. Also in the old Legends timeline, ET's race was named in a Star Wars comic where one of the members helped out the Rebellion

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  8. Number 1 should have been the marvel universe 😂😂😂😂😂 (sarcasm)

  9. The Pixar Theory falls apart with Boo being the Witch in Brave. At the end of Monsters Inc Sully returns to Boo, who is still a child. So he is with her already and there is no need for her to find him.

  10. In 2016 Pixar themselves confirmed the Pixar Theory is actually TRUE!

  11. The E.T.-Race in "The Phantom Manace" has a well-known name (if you read it backwards): Grebleips 😉

    P.S.: That's a fact!!!

  12. What about Indiana Jones and star wars link? (R2d2 was a hyrogliph on the wall in raiders of the lost ark)

    Or star trek and star wars link (the falcon is fighting the Borg in star trek 1st contact)

  13. The only same in quentin tarantino movies is the nut shots

  14. I could know one, How to Train your Dragon, Shrek, and Kung Fu Panda. Wouldn't that be amazing?

  15. you should do the same for tv shows. top ten shows you didnt know exist in the same universe.

    for example, the mindy project and superstore. mindy shopped at a cloud nine store in one episode.

  16. I’m more convinced of the Pixar Universe than the Disney Connection 🧐

  17. How that kid likes Star Wars if they are in the same universe?

  18. If there's enough of them to make the list, could you do one for the TV shows?

  19. does this mean killer klowns from outer space and ghost rider are both connected?

  20. Transformers (2007) and Friday the 13th (2009). Megan Fox's dick boyfriend at the start of Transformers is the same guy in Friday the 13th. Look it up.

  21. Ok first of all, the Monsterverse and the Movie Brave have no connection whatsoever, because one: the doors inside the Monsterverse only lead to the human world but not through time, but through different locations around the world. You see right before the professional scarers come waking in slow motion, the red monster with the headphones and 7 fingers shows a map of Earth on the jumbotron which they select the Eastern Seaboard to scare kids at.

  22. Also when Mike and Sully try to get Boo home, they only travel to different locations and there was no sign of anything renaissance or medieval. But there is a connection between the wood carving witch from Brave and Kristoff from Frozen. You see The Witch carves up wood and sells them for a living, and Kristoff carves up Ice and sells Ice for a living. Does anyone see a connection here? Because it could be possible that the Witch is either Kristoff's Long lost Grandmother or Aunt.

  23. Ok but the Machete thing was brilliant because all the kids who grew up with Spy Kids would have been the perfect age to watch Machete when it came out. Absolutely brilliant

  24. Watchmojo didn't mention that Firefly shares its universe with Alien and Blade Runner too.

  25. If people love cameos in Disney, why are people are making fun of people who make fanmade Non/Disney crossovers?

  26. it's bigger than you think, guys:
    Alien <=> Terminator <=> Predator <=> Blade Runner

    all four franchises are intertwined. mostly because of the Alien franchise though, namely Aliens and Prometheus.

  27. can stop with the frozen and tarzan theory the parents look nothing alike!!!


    I believe that the ucm movies are in the same universe of x-men days of the future and the past, x-men apocalypse, dark fenix and the movies of deadpool 1 and 2 are part of the ucm or all the ucm movies happen in the alternating line of the x-men even in the deadpool movies give references to the ucm or they could be in the same universe besides who is the father of scarlet with and obvious quilsaver that is magneto or has a half brother that would be the other quilsaver

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