Top 10 Most Hard to Watch Documentaries

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These movies tackle some very tough subject matter. Whether it’s Blackfish, Dear Zachary, or The Bridge, these documentaries will leave you shaken. WatchMojo counts down the top documentaries that are hard to watch.

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List rank and entries:
#10. “13th” (2016)
#9. “Zoo” (2007)
#8. “Tarnation” (2003)
#7. “Titicut Follies” (1967)
#6. “Dear Zachary A Letter to a Son About His Father” (2008)
#5. “Blackfish” (2013)
#4. “Capturing the Friedmans” (2003)
#3, #2, #1???

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24 comments on “Top 10 Most Hard to Watch Documentaries

  1. There's Something Wrong with Aunt Diane is quite eerie as well.

  2. The narrator is such a SJW dweep. THERE IS NO SYSTEMIC RACISM IN THE U.S., ONLY VICTIMS OF THE DISORDER OF LIBERALISM. The elites who discriminate against blacks also discriminates against the REST of us.

  3. This Civil War and Genocide was perpetrated primarily in East Timor, through the aid of the United States, our agents, the CIA. This followed the coup against the legitimate government of Sukarno American backed government of Suharno. with thousands butchered in the process. Damned ethnic Chinese. Better dead than Red Right?

  4. blackfish was the first of the SJW, Snowflake, im offended. the beginning of the end. im just waiting for civil war II at this point, but seeing how the left has calmed down and accept trump as a god. this wont happen. GRRRRRR

  5. Faces of death? Shocking Asia? Good vid but just suggesting.

  6. The bridge has been the hardest documentary that I have ever watched. I clicked on it without any expectations (neither positive nor negative – had no idea what it was about) and within seconds I saw a man jump to his demise. It was extremely confronting.

    The one really affected me as well. I never knew this even existed.

  7. 13 was an amazing documentary! Thank you for making it. I was obsessed with paradise lost. Too many innocent people in prison due to political corruption.

  8. No Shoah from Claude Lanzmann ? I know its 9 hours but it's thougher to watch than the act of Killing.

  9. I watched blackfish and it is hard to watch. But you forgot to mention about the fact that the documentary was also about the killing of that trainer from one of the orcas in 2010.

  10. "Not Dead Yet", about Jason Becker, best guitarist ever lived ended up getting ALS in his early 20's. I'm a music guy myself and this documentary makes my eyes water every time.

  11. I'd highly recommend The Impostor to anyone who hasn't seen it, it's a brilliant true crime documentary. The whole story seems too bizarre to be true: a 13 year-old boy named Nicholas Barclay goes missing in 1994 and is "found" several years later in Europe, except "Nicholas" is actually a 23 year-old con man pretending to be the kid. The con man fools the authorities and goes to live with the kid's family in Texas, who initially seem to accept him, despite him being a grown man with a French accent who looks nothing like the missing boy. It's extremely well done and ends up giving a really fascinating look into the power of lies and denial.

    It's not actually that hard to watch though, given the subject matter of most of the other films on this list. You want something really tough to get through, try There's Something Wrong with Aunt Diane, which definitely deserves a spot here. It took me several days to recover from that one, and anyone who wants to watch it should be prepared as there is a very graphic crash scene photo near the end, and they don't give you any kind of warning before they show it.

  12. Wow mojo this is one of your best…. thanks.. hard-hitting…eye opener

  13. The bridge…the most educating interview with the young man with terrible mental health issues….even with all his problems he said The moment he jumped he realized he made a mistake….he wanted to live…… very telling and enlightening

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