Top 10 Most Difficult Songs To Sing

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Top 10 Most Difficult Songs To Sing
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No amount of singing in the shower can prepare you for these behemoth tracks! Welcome to and
today we’ll be counting our picks for the Top 10 Most Difficult Songs To Sing. Whether it’s the operatic falsettos from Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”,
the unreachable high notes from Mariah Carey’s “Emotions” or the melancholic moans from “Dream On” by Aerosmith, these tracks really separate
the men from the boys in terms of singing ability.

#10: “Wuthering Heights” (1978)
#9: “Unchained Melody” (1965)
#8: “Dream On” (1973)
#7: “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” (2003)
#6: “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” (1982)
#5: “All By Myself” (1996)
#4: “Bohemian Rhapsody” (1975)
#3, #2 & #1: ?

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26 comments on “Top 10 Most Difficult Songs To Sing

  1. I was sort of bummed that Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart” wasn’t on this list! Anyone else agree?

  2. here in the Philippines… most of the song's on your list are usually in the amature singing contest

  3. Pat Benatar's version of Wuthering Heights is way better than Kate Bush.

  4. simon cowell " Nessum Dorma is the worlds hardest song which is usually sang by a guy and to be sang by a girl would be a world winning performance" to lucy kay BGT

  5. Given up-Linkin Park
    Cemetery gates-Pantera
    Or any Lamb of god song

  6. Am I the only one offended that 'Send in the clowns' by Stephen Sondheim isn't on the list ?

  7. I feel like Adele should be on here somewhere, and Florence Welch. But DEFINITELY Roy Orbison singing ‘Crying’.

  8. file helpful arrive nominee bubble cognitive excitement carbon fist online.

  9. No Christina Aguilera ? I mean almost her all discography is really hard to sing

  10. Lol, I do Thing called love and Dream On all the time for karaoke. Of course I only bust those out if there is a cash prize to win.

  11. I immediately thought Take On Me by Aha but this is a good list.

  12. "Whitney Houston song is very hard, but to sing a Mariah Carey song is a vocal suicide". No shade to Miss Whitney she's a cool vocalist. A Legend.

  13. I guess watchmojo never tried singing Don't Stop Believing, Faithfully, My Heart Will Go On on karaoke nights

  14. my god i had to listen to "Wuthering Heights in high school because of the movie "Wuthering Heights

  15. have you forgotten about Agnetha Faltskog of ABBA? Many of ABBA's songs are very difficult, not just because of the amazing range of vocals but also the sheer complexity of the songs. so many others were also missed but already mentioned in the comments

  16. "We will not be including any rap songs."
    the reason they gave "because they deserve a list of their own"
    the reason they meant "because they don't deserve to be called music"

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