Top 10 Dumbest Decisions In Fantasy Movies

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Fantasy movies are filled with characters who show great courage to defeat a magnificent evil, but they’re not always smart! WatchMojo presents the Top 10 Dumbest Decisions in Fantasy Movies! But what will take the top spot on our list? Forgetting the spell in “Army of Darkness”, not believing Harry in “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”, or failing to destroy the ring right away in “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring”? Watch to find out!

#10. Driving While on the Phone from “Doctor Strange” (2016)
#9. Fighting Over the Color of a Dress from “Sleeping Beauty” (1959)
#8. Stealing the Aztec Gold from “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl” (2003)
#7. Feeding the Mogwai from “Gremlins” (1984)
#6. Keeping the Ring a Secret from “The Hobbit” franchise (2012-14)
#5. Bonding with Einon from “Dragonheart” (1996)
#4. Cheating from “Jumanji” (1995)
#3, #2, #1 ?

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31 comments on “Top 10 Dumbest Decisions In Fantasy Movies

  1. Sleeping Beauty is okay, but what about Red Dwarf?

    "You mean they waged war over whether the cardboard hats should be red or blue? It's totally stupid, they should have been green…"

  2. Some people will say don't feed the gremlin after midnight? Don't they mean Mogwai? It's feeding the creature after midnight that makes them gremlins, can doing it again actually do something?

  3. Did anyone notice that both words that were remembered in the spell from Army of darkness are also characters from Star Wars Return of the Jedi?

  4. Oh, watchmojo….if only you knew what you were talking about. There are only three fantasy movies on this list. The vast majority are in no way fantasy…
    Harry Potter is NOT fantasy. It's childrens' supernatural adventure

    Doctor Strange isn't fantasy, either. It's comic book adventure.

    Pirates Of The Caribbean definately isn't fantasy. Like Harry Potter, it's supernatural adventure.

    Gremlins…now I KNOW you don't know what you're talking about. How in the world is Gremlins fantasy ? There are no knights in armour, no magic, no medieval setting, and no demons.

    Jumanji…now this is just stupid. Like Gremlins, there are no knights in armour, no wizards/magic, no dragons, no kings and queens…how is it fantasy if it doesn't have any of those things.

    Ernest…Stop, watchmojo, just…stop. Ernest is NOT fantasy. It's children's adventure

    A movie isn't fantasy just because it's a made up story.

  5. Never made any sense to me that Elrond just lets Isildur walk away… could easily have dismantled the guy and took the ring from him.

  6. In The Hobbit he had to keep it secret. Lord Sauron is in Mirkwood Forest aka their next destination. If it would of been revealed the movie would of ended in like 5 minutes.

  7. "Dumbiest decisions"? Without them we would never have a plot. The whole movie goes around these decisions!

  8. holy cow, not one but two on The One Ring where the only dumb thing is you. There are no decision at all, it's the Ring who decide

  9. in the book, the One Ring is nothing more than a curiosity. It isn't until Fellowship that it is revealed. There isn't even all the foreshadowing that Peter Jackson put in the movie.

  10. Technically number 2 doesn't count, because ist's not a real decision if your mind is controlled by the ring

  11. Never feed them after midnight,…..It may not be midnight where you are but it is somewhere else in the world…does that apply?.

  12. Hey Mojo, you show some god damn respect…Bruce Campbell can never EVER make a dumb decision!

  13. Well, in Billy's (Gremlins) defense, the Mogwai did sabotage his clock….

  14. its the better if they chose from purple and green, hahaha, those that saw babylon 5 will understand

  15. As for LOTR, these two ''decisions'' are influenced by the One ring, so that is not really fair. I would argue that the worst decision is when the fellowship choose the path of Moria. Gandalf knew deep down that something terrible had happened there, but his inability to convince the fellowship to choose any other path led directly to his death.

  16. Heeeyyyyy!! She said, "Less than fantastic" instead of "…or in this case, DIShonorable". Yay!

  17. 9:35-Hey, that's the movie I decided I would like Mila Kunis. She was great in that movie. She was so over the top. I like over the top.

  18. If they destroyed in first place if Bilbo told them,they wouldn't easily defeat Smoug.

  19. Bilbo keeping the ring a secret wasn't really a bad decision as it wasn't his idea. The ring manipulates people and while it doesn't effect Hobbits as bad (since they were never given a ring and thus not bound by them) it does effect them to some degree.

  20. Isildur not destroying the ring wasn't really a choice that he made it was the ring so technically it was a good decision

  21. I don’t think you can say that doctor strange being on the phone is a bad thing because if it never happened he wouldn’t have gotten his powers

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