Top 10 Busiest Actors and Actresses in Hollywood

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Top 10 Busiest Actors and Actresses in Hollywood
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Do these people ever sleep? From Michael Stuhlbarg, to Sarah Paulson, to Idris Elba, these stars put in the hours when it comes to acting. WatchMojo ranks the busiest actors and actresses in Hollywood.

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List rank and entries:
#10. Michael Stuhlbarg
#9. Donald Glover
#8. Samuel L. Jackson
#7. Sarah Paulson
#6. Channing Tatum
#5. Domhnall Gleeson
#4. Idris Elba
#3, #2, #1???

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27 comments on “Top 10 Busiest Actors and Actresses in Hollywood

  1. #2, I wonder ….being busy means only business in holliywood usa
    I agree with Sarah Paulson, she will win oscar's help actress someday

  2. Thought it said “Bushiest Actors and Actress” as I scrolled by.

  3. Rampage awful skyscraper generic rock needs to do less with more quality

  4. Pretty sure the Rock hasn't been on a movie set in awhile. He filmed everything over the period of a year and they're just using all that footage to put in whatever movie they want him to be in. Hell, they might even recycle some of his scenes in multiple movies.

  5. Josh Brolin??? He already in 3 movies this summer alone (Infinity War, Deadpool 2, and Sicario 2). Who knows what else he’ll do!!!

  6. he should do better quality movies probably true.Well it is true.But he gets 20 mill a movie who in the f is going to pass that up.The reason is paying him is gonna payoff way more times than it won't.people like him and will go just cause he is in it.

  7. Dwayne Johnson is in practically every other movie nowadays. Mention any movie and he's probably in it.


  9. Where's Dan Stevens? 7 movies and 1 critically acclaimed tv show in 2017 ALONE.

  10. Not even a shout out to Danny Trejo? I know he ain't the biggest star, but damn, the foo puts in work

  11. I like what the rock is doing Make as many Movies as you can when you're young doesnt matter if they're good or bad you'll still get paid then rest later in life in 10 years hell be so popular he will only have to do 1 or 2 movie every 2 or 3 years and make as much money as as he's making now doing 4 movies a year. Ite the same thing Robert Downy Jr and Leo DiCaprio did the Same shit made a shit ton of movies early now they gets paid 50 million for 1 movie like lol Robert isn't playing Tony start , Tony is playing Robert Downy Jr.

  12. Where's Josh Brolin? He's the star of this year! Thanos, Cable and now the Sicario sequel…

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