Top 10 British Sci-Fi Movies

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Top 10 British Sci-Fi Movies

Set phasers to fun! For this list, we’re counting down the best, most memorable, inventive, influential, original and iconic British sci-fi movies ever made. The UK have been science fiction pioneers for decades, with some of the greatest writers and filmmakers living and working in Britain – but which film has beamed its way to the top of this list? “Alien”, “2001: A Space Odyssey” or “Children of Men”? Or something else entirely? Watch this space.

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#10. “Ex Machina” (2015)
#9. “Quatermass and the Pit” (1967)
#8. “Under The Skin” (2013)
#7. “Moon” (2009)
#6. “Sunshine” (2007)
#5. “Brazil” (1985)
#4. “A Clockwork Orange” (1971)
#3, #2, #1: ???

31 comments on “Top 10 British Sci-Fi Movies

  1. So why did "Blade Runner" miss out. A British as many on the list and certainly as influential as Alien and 2001 (properly ranked inclusions).

  2. Alien is one of my favourite horror movie and one of my many gateway's into the realm of horror. Classic

  3. Brilliant. I agree with them all! I saw "Quartermass and the Pit"" as a kid and its scared the s**t out of me. Oh heck, still does!

  4. A great list except… "Sunshine" does not belong here. Sorry, but it was a piece of crap.

  5. Quatermass is pronounced like Cratermass and not the weird pronunciation in this video Quater as in 'A Quarter past'. If you have ever watched any of the TV episodes or films you will have noticed this.

  6. "As always there's only one entry per franchise" …

    Unless of course that franchise is Doctor Who then you can mention it in literally every video, and include it 3 times in 1 video about Karen Gillan as that's the only reason you did a video on her.

  7. 2001 worst and most over rated film ever, I would rather watch the prequels but only the ja ja bits than have to sit through that piece of self indulgent garbage again

  8. It is Quater mass NOT Quarter-mass, trying watching the film before you make a fool of yourself.

  9. Moon is so, so, so underrated! Sam Rockwell deserves all of the Oscars for everything. The part he playing in A Midsummer Night's Dream, during the Pyramus & Thisbe scene at the end of the film brings tears to my eyes every single time I've watched it. I wouldn't say he's a "hidden gem" of an actor but I will say he is criminally underrated and the simple fact that he isn't more well known and respected is one of the more shameful aspects of the Hollywood apparatus. He can act, sing and dance rings around his Hollywood contemporaries. The film he did recently with Anna Kendrick, Mr. Right is another example of how much he is overlooked. Sam Rockwell and Anna Kendrick in a film together? It's like Hollywood literally read my mind. Sunshine, as well, showed off the talents of Chris Evans. As far as Sunshine, another great film, is concerned,we already knew Cillian Murphy was gifted with an acting ability few possess. Chris Evans on the other hand, he's known mainly now as Cpt. America. His capabilities as an actor has lent as certain "gravitas" to the character of Steve Rodgers but people forget his roles in Perfect Score w/Scarlett Johanson, Puncture which is a fantastic drama, Losers where he plays the improbably handsome and charming nerd, his role in Push with Dakota Fanning and Before we Go with Alice Eve, which he directed superbly.

  10. Moon is a Great Movie!, Brazil I have loved still it Opened, and what bout Capsule?

  11. FYI and calling 2001 & Allen British Movies rather then US Movies, you are Missing out on some of the Great Black & White British Sei-Fi Movies of the 1950's and 1960's.

  12. #9. I've seen "Quatermass and The Pit" numerous times and it's "Five Million YEARS to Earth." (Five million miles is pretty much nowhere, as astronomical distances go.;)
    #7. "Moon" asks questions of the audience that are quite uncomfortable.
    #6, "Sunshine" is Something Else, all right.;)
    #5. "Brazil" takes a bite out of many institutions and attitudes…that should be discarded.
    #4. "A Clockwork Orange," the film is s tad less revolting than the book.
    #2. "Alien" made people afraid of the dark, tight spaces, and things that make wet noises!
    #1. "2001: A Space Odyssey" made Classical music and optical SFX popular.

  13. Who is this young idiot narrator – Quatermass is pronounced to rhyme with crater, NOT quarter !

  14. Not sure I would agree that these are "THE" Top 10, or the exact ranking order, but will certainly agree that they are all a must watch for any Sci-fi fan!

  15. For anyone looking and having difficulty in finding Quatermass and the Pit (original title) the current listings are usually Five Million Years to Earth (1967) .

  16. Quartermass and the Pit was released in the U.S. as Five Million Years to Earth.

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