Top 10 Best Marvel Superhero Teams

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Top 10 Best Marvel Superhero Teams
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When it comes to superhero teams, Marvel’s got ’em in spades. From the Guardians of the Galaxy to the Fantastic Four to the Avengers, there’s a superhero team for any and all occasions, but which one is truly the best. Check out our list of the Top 10 Best Marvel Superhero Teams right here!

List Rank and Entries
#10: The Guardians of the Galaxy
#9: X-Force
#8: Runaways
#7: Alpha Flight
#6: Heroes for Hire
#5: The Inhuman Royal Family
#4: The Defenders
#3, #2, #1: ?

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35 comments on “Top 10 Best Marvel Superhero Teams

  1. i knew the F4,Avengers and X-men were going to be the top 3 on the list

  2. Man I wish I could agree with x men in first place but x men fox films really isn't on par with the avengers. And some of the x men films kinda made me not like it as much anymore. Which is why I sort of prefer avengers over x men.

  3. I hate the reputation the x-men movies get. People act like only a few are good and the rest are horrible when in reality its the other way about. They have had only two outright horrible movies: last stand and origins, and two mediocre: the wolverine and apocalypse.

  4. Wolverine is probably one of the only X-Men who can stand alone. Each member of the avengers can stand alone and work well as a team so they should be number one

  5. Before I watch this, Xmen better be #1! they are by far the best team

  6. Here are my personal Current Top 10 Super-powered Teams (Alphabetically), what are yours? Feedback is welcome: 👍

    1) Avengers (Marvel, MCU)
    2) Bat-Family (DC, Cartoon Network)
    3) Fantastic 4 (Marvel)
    4) Guardians of the Galaxy (Marvel, MCU)
    5) Justice League (DC, Cartoon Network)
    6) Team Avatar (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
    7) Teen Titans (DC, Cartoon Network)
    8) X-Men (Marvel, Fox)
    9) Young Justice (DC, Cartoon Network)
    10) Z-Fighters (Dragonball)

    Honorable Mentions:

    Defenders (Marvel, Netflix)
    Superman's Regime (DC, Injustice)
    Legion of Doom (DC, Cartoon Network)
    Legion of Heroes (DC)
    New Avengers (Marvel, MCU)
    Red Lotus (The Legend of Korra)
    Suicide Squad (DC)
    Team Arrow (DC, CW)
    Titans East (DC, Cartoon Network)
    Gotham City Sirens (DC)

    (Note: I'm well aware my chosen picks & tastes will likely change later in my life, hence the title CURRENT Top 10) 😉

  7. even though ff4 deserves major respect for being the foundation(and even without a comic I personally would put them over avengers as they introduced so much to the marvel u as we know it). X-Men its the team that sold more comics then any other marvel or dc….there not as popular in the 2000s for a variety of reasons…fox owning the rights,marvel doing shitty stories like AvX to promote the avengers over the xmen etc,major cut backs in other media like tv,video games(which xmen used to have on lock a la xmen vs street fighter),blurring the lines between the franchises so much adding many major xmen to an avengers roster,doesn't currently have the disney hype machine behind them yet either inspite of all that still can't keep a top dog down….its a noticeable xmen has a much more diehard and loyal fanbase then the avengers ever did and quite frankly the avenger mcu movies aren't even that great imo…its the cap movies imo that have been the best.

  8. The X-men didn't age well and most of it's members integrated with the Avengers. So Avengers should be number 1

  9. This was a fun list. Starting with Guardians at #10 and seeing how many other teams they should have been ahead of. 😋

  10. Subtract Runaways, add New Warriors at #10, move Guardians up a few spots.

  11. Guardians of the galaxy should at least have been in the top 5,and why is avengers not no.1,the xmen are awesome and all but seriously

  12. Those who say that avengers should be no.1 please tell me why because I would love to know

  13. Another top 10 list where you know what is going to be in the top spot as the list goes along

  14. honestly movie popularity has alot to do with this but based on comics fantastic four should be ahead of the avengers as well……

  15. Fantastic Four should be number one. YES I personally like X-Men more & YES my FAVORITE is Daredevil who could not be more different if he tried. BUT consider THEY are Marvels First Family, consider it was THEY not the Avengers that were created to compete against Justice League.

  16. "Warlock & the Infinity Watch", Excalibur and "Cloak & Dagger" should have got an honorable mention, but I was really glad to see Alpha Flight on the list.

  17. Oh come on guardians of the Galaxy should at least be 3 or 4 cause there awesome and not cause of baby groot

  18. Thanks video channel.
    To be continue my channel video greatt pleaseee !!

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