THOR RAGNAROK: 5 Clips from the Movie (Marvel 2017)

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Here are 5 Clips from Thor Ragnarok

38 comments on “THOR RAGNAROK: 5 Clips from the Movie (Marvel 2017)

  1. 3:32 just look at his face,LOOK AT HIS FACE. Loki is completely scared of Hulk,he still traumatized about it… Gosh somebody protect the baby </3

    Also: Hela you can't tell Loki to kneel,THAT'S HIS QUOTE

  2. First Clip! Hurts me so bad! Curse you, Odin! T_T Thor doesn't know T_T

  3. Loki did had the worst encounters with the Hulk… He's freakin' speechless bordering traumatized!!! And that reaction of his (Loki) just… GOLDEN!!!

  4. Thor: Hey, let's do "get help."
    Loki: What?
    Thor: "Get help?"
    Loki: No.
    Thor: C'mon. You love it.
    Loki: I hate it.
    Thor: It's great! It works every time.
    Loki: It's humiliating!
    Thor: Do you have a better plan?
    Loki: No.
    Thor: We're doing it~


  5. "Get help, please my brother is dying" As he proceeds to throw Loki across the room.

  6. I love the characters developing. Thor and Loki come so far from the teenager angst on Thor1 ☺️ Thor1 is like when you’re in high school and Thor3 is you in 28!

  7. Hi my name is Emma and I like loki and the characters in it ??❤️❤️???

  8. 1:36 until I saw the movie I could not understand how she was able to catch the hammer. It makes sense now.

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