Things Marvel Wants You To Forget About Scarlet Witch

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Created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee in 1963’s The X-Men #4, Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch, has some of the strangest stories in comics. From her mechanical ex-husband to the many, many retcons of who her father is, here are things Marvel wants you to forget about the Scarlet Witch…

What even is Chaos Magic? | 0:17
Who’s your daddy? | 1:07
Seriously, who’s your daddy? | 2:15
Demon babies | 3:04
Avengers: Disassembled | 3:50
House of M | 4:17
Brotherly love | 4:42
To Avengers: Infinity War and beyond | 5:04

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48 comments on “Things Marvel Wants You To Forget About Scarlet Witch

  1. Spiderman,Scarlet Witch,Doctor Strange,Black Panther and other more will die Thor,IronMan,Captain America will not die

  2. I keep saying this, Wanda is the strongest being we have seen in the MCU. Not only did she destroy the mind stone while under intense emotional stress, but she also held off Thanos who had 5 of the 6 infinity stones.

  3. I just want a rom-com superhero movie starring Scarlet Witch and Vision. 😭

  4. Marvel also wants us to forget that she ever had a weird accent…

  5. Why did we never get the Scarlet Witch MCU origin story that we deserved?! Also, I hope they didn't fully retcon out her having magical powers, just that because of limited understanding she was placed into more of a psionic category. She was absolutely a boss in Infinity War though when she finally got serious…

  6. I'm so incredibly sick of MCU dampening the INSANELY strong women to hype comparatively weaker men. They've done it with Wanda, obviously, and they've done it with Ororo Munroe (Storm), and until X-Men Apocalpyse, they did it to Jean Grey. I'm sick of characters like Wolverine being hyped as the Ultimate Mutant when Jean or Wanda could literally disassemble him at a molecular level, and Steve Rogers and Tony Stark are the centers of this Universe. Like bro- If you had a 3/3 Jean, Wanda, and Ororo vs. Cap, Tony, and Logan– ain't no kind of way the men are coming out of that, unless of course it's the MCU rules, and the girls are just for eye candy or to serve as sidekicks.

  7. She's gotta make it work with vision she deserves some happy.

  8. Scarlet Witch's so unimportant in the MCU, even her actress comes off kind of bland compared to others. There really was no build-up over the course of these films for me to care about her or Vision's relationship despite also taking place in the comics, not to mention the death was perversed anyway considering what Thanos did to obtain the Mind Stone. I like her in the comics though, but her performance in the movies is meh at best.

  9. marvel was hiding wanda's true potential and by far she is the only one who can kill thanos cause even thanos has infinity stones wanda still manages to slow him down while destroying the mind stone.

  10. Don't forget how she was also whitewashed in the MCU…
    Also her mother is confirmed to be Natalya Maximoff a born witch!

  11. Wanda apparently felt absolutely NOTHING for her brother, nor did any of the Avengers aside from a wee bit of regret from Hawkeye when he died. No funeral, no eulogy, no HONEST grieving, nothing. Might as well have flushed him away like a dead goldfish. Relationship with her bro? Yeah, about a millimeter deep. Quicksilver dies saving an Avenger's life and the life of a child and what thanks or honors did he get? The whole Marvel universe is lovely to see on screen, but its story is so fragmented and disjointed that it acts like a bad install of Windows Millennium. It's why I stopped reading the comics and even gave up on the movies. Holding the storyline together was just taking too much webfluid, spit, and paperclips.

  12. Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver will always be Magento’s kids to me!!!

  13. and that disney whitewashed a non-white character mmmmmmmmm

  14. if MCU showed her true powers (exactly like in the comics) in the avengers AOU, then there's no civil war and infinity warXD cause she can absolutely killed them all effortlessly…

  15. I'm not listening to the recon bullshit, they're mutants and children of Magneto.

  16. Just saw infinity war today and the whole time i was thinking why are they down playing scarlet witch when she is one of the most powerful avengers having her get man handled by thanos minions ya right she coulda easily defeated them lol

  17. It’s more like Disney wants you to forget things about scarlet witch

  18. If scarlet has the power to destroy visions stone then can't she destroy the ones Thanos has?

  19. I strongly disagree I don’t think it was just a coincidence. Marvel retconned her mutation out of spite just because of stupid movie politics. Doesn’t matter though. I will always look at scarlet witch and quicksilver as mutants and magneto will always be their father.

  20. Wanda had actually remembered her children long before Disassembled (about 15 years rl time) and came to terms with them being gone. She did No More Mutants because Magneto had killed Quicksilver and that pissed her off.

  21. When will Marvel give her a break?

    She's lost her family, her childhood, her personality, and the love of her life. Now she loses her actual life.

    Geez Marvel, stop torturing her.

  22. Wanda in her last three movies, she looked so relieved while she was dusting. She looked like she was finally in peace. And who says that Peter had the most tear jerking death?

  23. I want to forget about her altogether. I think she's the worst averager, I hate this current depiction of the character. And liz Olsen is doing a great job and making me hate it even more.

  24. She's back to being a mutant, but also an experiment that worked too well.

  25. Left knowing less about the scarlet mut… Err wit… Err exper…
    Oh forget it!

  26. I hope Elizabeth Olsen can have her own/solo movie as Scarlet witch 🤷‍♀️💗

  27. She’s honestly the coolest character and her powers are so op and awesome to watch, hopefully she gets a big proper fight scene in the future or her own movie. Also considering scarlet witch is the top 3 strongest in the avengers

  28. Love this comment section filled with scarlet witch advocates 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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