The Most Rewatchable Horror Movies Of All Time

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There are a lot of horror movies that are best seen just once. But every now and again a movie comes along that’s not only rewatchable, but enjoying it a second or third time is necessary to get the full experience. Here are some all-time classic horror flicks definitely worth screening again and again…

The Guest | 0:15
The Shining | 0:51
The House of the Devil | 1:26
A Nightmare on Elm Street | 2:10
Phantasm | 2:50
The Thing | 3:28
The Cabin in the Woods | 4:03
Halloween | 4:48

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34 comments on “The Most Rewatchable Horror Movies Of All Time

  1. Jason wasn't the killer in the original Halloween… are we talking franchises or individual movies

  2. Alien. Aliens. 28 days later. Night of the living dead (original). Get out. And night breed for the makeup and costumes. Just a few i would have added.

  3. MARTYRS this French horror movie is the greatest horror movie of all times. Also one of the most disturbing.

  4. Um excuse me. A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors was good af 😂😂

  5. 'The Shining' gets my pick. I have watched it 50 times and it never gets old. It also dated really well unlike alot of movies. Stanley Kubrick was a genius moviemaker…

  6. One that you can’t watch again… Cabin Fever reboots 🤢🤮

  7. You are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT about John Carpenter's The Thing! There hasn't been a movie since with better gore or better written paranoia since this film came out in '82! When they say "They don't make 'em like that anymore", THIS is what they're talking about! Nice job, Looper! You ALMOST got me to Subscribe, but at least you get a Thumbs Up for once! (And I think Mr Hooper from Sesame Street would call your channel "Hooper! Hooper!" LOL!)

  8. I think that IT is also good to see at least twice. You won't be bored and you're gonna see many things that you missed before cause you didn't know that they were important. I've seen it twice and I enjoyed that (of course I'm talking about the new one, the old one is just bad)

  9. cabin in the woods is the worst movie i've ever endured… u make it sound like a picasso, it's actually a kids refridgerator door painting only his mum could love…

  10. Totally agree with The Shining & The Thing, but Phantasm? The Cabin in the Woods? Those were barely worth watching once.

  11. Are you kidding? The Cabin in the Woods is absolute garbage in my opinion, so not one of the most rewatchable horror movies.

  12. Scream, Childs Play, & Candyman should be on this list. I could watch those repeatedly.

  13. The Gate
    The Descent
    The People Under the Stairs (a childhood fav of mine & for some reason
    it just remained memorable.)
    The Omen
    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    They Live

  14. Never heard of #10 now My list before even starting in no specific order. Exorcist (Tho not a fan better be here , The Shining , Amityville , NMOES , Friday the 13th part 2 , Let The Right One In , Psycho , Hellraiser or HR2 were both about same movie! , Children Of The Corn & my #1 is HALLOWEEN  (H.M. goes to Alien because unsure if its considered horror.. Will see how I did in comments!

  15. Again shitty recommendations, if any watches cabin in the woods more than say 4 times, they just dont have the proper horror movie bucketlist to watch

  16. Evil Dead ( Original) and Dawn of the Dead ( Original) should be on here!

  17. Alien? Alien? Alien? Yes, it's sci-fi as well, but one of the scariest moments in cinematic history is the chest burster scene. If the Thing is on the list, so should Alien. I know there are snobby Horror geeks that say it's not Horror, but it's certainly more scary and thrilling than 99% of Horror flicks.

  18. i'd choose rob zombies halloween 2 directors cut over halloween but it's personal taste and both are great!

  19. The original "Thing" stands the test of time, loved that movie…and phantasm. ..

  20. Alien, Aliens, IT, Poltergeist, Evil Dead, Return of the Living Dead, Brain Dead.

  21. The House of the Devil was SO SO good!!!

    Also…. Prince of Darkness anyone? Alice Cooper scared me so bad.

    Just Before Dawn?
    Stuff that could really happen scares me the most and that movie had me scared for a whole week.

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