The Hobbit | An Unexpected Journey | FAMILY Reactions | 101 | Fair Use

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Hello everyone and welcome back as always!
Mom, Kim and I made time this weekend after work to react to some movies! So thanks for your patience!
I’m so excited for our videos upcoming this week! Please stay tuned!
Thanks for watching and see you soon as always!! 🙂



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38 comments on “The Hobbit | An Unexpected Journey | FAMILY Reactions | 101 | Fair Use

  1. In Fellowship of the Ring, they camped by the statues of the trolls after Frodo was stabbed

  2. And here I am waiting for the elf king, Thranduil, to have more screen time 😁😁😁

  3. You won't see Gimli but Gloin, the dwarf who thought the elves were insulting them is Gimli's Dad!!

    Bilbo is descended from the families Baggins and Took, with the Took side being the more adventurous, which is what Bilbo tries to suppress. Gandalf picks Bilbo because he remembers him as a very young hobbit who was curious and full of spirit. This quest was what was needed to bring the Took side out again.

  4. Gimli is about 60 years old during that time, if I remember correctly and still considered a minor. That's why he wasn't allowed to come with them. I think in LotR he's about 120.

    The dwarf names are from Norse mythology stories. Tolkien knew his field.

  5. I would actually recommend a popular fan-edit of the Hobbit trilogy called "J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit" by Dustin Lee of Maple Films. He re-edits all the movies into one, four hour epic with an intermission in the middle. He also color corrects the movies to look more like The Lord of the Rings trilogy. It feels more fun and less bloated than the full trilogy, in my opinion. The edit is available for free on the Maple Films website (though they ask that you've paid money for the legal versions first).

  6. No no NOOOOOO! worst movie series ever, even Peter Jackson said: 'I didn’t know what the hell I was doing' when I made The Hobbit

  7. If anybody hasn't watched Lindsay Ellis's videos on The Hobbit, do so. They're really good.

  8. It’s almost like 10 minutes isn’t enough to squeeze in all the highlights of the movie. Maybe cause it’s the extended edition

  9. sometimes when you cut really quick its funny yet confusing XD one minute laughing when a dwarf snores then the next minute the dwarf kings head gets chopped off lol idk …

  10. The sad thing is that Balin, the old white beared dwarf is the one who lies in the Tomb in Moria during the Lord of the Rings. The tomb Gimli discovers and bursts into tears over. "Here lies Balin, Lord of Moria."

  11. I hope you will make a video about the movie « Fantastic Beasts and where to find them » !!! It will be so great !!😉 (I loved the videos about Harry Potter)

  12. Thanks sooo much! Yes, this is less expansive than LOTR but it is still amazing and informative for the journey ahead. 🙂 Thank you.

  13. This movie is based on a children's book. Peter Jackson had to alter it a lot to make it film-worthy. I read LotR book 2 and 3 after seeing the first movie. I figured I'd read the Hobbit too, but it was a Dr. Seuss level book. Never finished it.

    Gimli does make an appearance… sorta of.

  14. sending love and best wishes to your family and hoping for your father's fast recovery <3

  15. You, your mom and sister are adorable and I hope you crank out more of these videos as often as you can. Last of Us part 2 third trailer just came out yesterday. Please react to that.

  16. I love that you guys are watching the extended editions for both LOTR and Hobbit

    Also I do hope Fantastic Beasts is on your watch list since that is Harry Potter related

  17. dwarf women have beards! they tell it in the book. nice reaction , ladies

  18. hey storm love your reactions. Once you guys finish your tv series and you want to return to marvel try Agents of shield. Right now there is a surge of reactors reacting to it like blindwave, torchwoodboy, fandomreactions, the normies and many others. It is the best Marvel television show out there and has the closes connections to the films. You, your mom and sis would really enjoy it. If Please like if you agree so they see this.

  19. You guys should watch The Last Goodbye when you finish the series.

  20. Have you ever made the reaction of Pacific Rim 1 if no you can do it?

  21. You see Balins tomb in Moria in Fellowship of the Ring :O

  22. I like how in the Fellowship Balin had been murdered and left to rot by goblins.

  23. If you're that upset about ONE pony, for the love of God don't read the book.

  24. "They're immortal unless they die." What do you know? Me too.

  25. now that kim is over her "running away phase" shes kinda my favorite lol

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