The Debate – War on militants in Syria

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The Syrian army has been engaged in fierce clashes with remaining militants in the country trying to purge them. Evacuation of armed men and their families was conducted after eastern Ghouta was liberated recently. Now other areas southern Damascus are being evacuated under another deal with the Damascus government. Stay with us and we’ll discuss that in this edition of debate. Let’s cross over to Damascus now where Press TV’s Mohamad Ali is standing by to give us a sense of the evacuations in Beit Sahm, Babila and Yalda. Ali over to you.

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32 comments on “The Debate – War on militants in Syria

  1. War on women and children and empty buildings, the russian army's speciality

  2. The americans relly have to get out or be made to go syria cant have the us in there country

  3. Zionist are fucking Nazi JEWS and they loosing in Syria christian goyim are awaken of Talmudic Satanist jews the Christ killers of Christian savior God who are in the power in Israel Iranian white Aryian chosen people of good will definitely destroy the Jewish zionist TALMUDIC KHAZARIAN fake jews the choosen people of Satan

  4. I hope all terrorist will finish very soon, I pray for syrian people.

  5. 20 million people dead, over 3 holocausts, since the end of the second world war. USA take a bow.

  6. ©™ ALX ⚖ Observations ✍✍

    Evacuations classic Sun Tsu strategy to allow the enemy a corridor of escape from the battlefield rather than have them fight to the death.
    Assad and SAA Russia Hizbullah IRGC Chinese Tigers etc are winning and they are not going to stop while Daesh al Nusra Al Qida etc etc etc are still alive and fighting.
    However, Erdogan needs to confront the americans in North Eastern Syria forget joining the EU pull Turkey out of NATO sign defense pacts with Russia Lebanon Iran Iraq and Syria ( after reconciliation with Assad).
    Walk from the middle of the road to the right side of history 👍

    And now the Iranians are building bases and factories and Russia too. The Zionists are apoplectic about Iran on their borders. Assad may decide to try to take back the occupied Golon Heights.
    Forcing the Zionists to fight an Illegal conflict to hold land that's not theirs by international law Geneva Conventions and UN Resolutions.
    Meanwhile, Hizbullah will do well in the upcoming Lebanese elections and continue to sit on the fire control levers of tens of thousands of missles 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀 in the Bekka valley able to hit every city in Israel.
    Could be an interesting summer.

    The US remains in the Middle and Near East because there are resources there and the US Government is owned by Transnational Corporations who finance congressmen and White House campaigns and inturn use the military and CIA NSA FBI to leverage access to resources and markets for the benefit of stockholders equity and dividends and capital gains are dictating foreign and domestic policy for Uncle Sam who's dictating foreign policy for NATO coalition and EU members to some extent.

  7. Like it was said, there is no appeasing the US. If China, Russia, Iran and to some degree Turkey want to have some kind of control on the US, they have to be committed and kick America out of Syria completely. The Europeans need to also make a stance. If the world does not stop the US, the question is not weather the US will attack Iran, but how many countries will the US attack in order to feel in control. Iran will not attack Israel or the US in Syria, they will not flinch. The Russians will be the ones that will see the need to attack the Americans in Syria, in order to help Syrian troops and end this war. It is Russia that is looking forward to having a permanent military base in Syria. And Russia is not a fan of Israel, Russia’s relationship with Israel is a politically savvy tactic, one to have control over Israel. This war is not just about Iran, it’s about Russia, China and full hegemony of the world.

  8. And God will punish the Saudis and Americans and UK for killing people from the poorest people on earth!

  9. hahaha…the banksters jihadis are allowed to board luxury buses and be transported away to fight another day…over and over and over. And we are all supposed to take this shit seriously?? hahaha. bullshit "war". bullshit "refugees". bullshit media, bullshit society, bullshit…all of it. When are people going to wake the fuck up???!!!!!! The final stop for the bankster proxy armies is the nations of the west to participate in the white genocide. Maybe the brain dead westerners will wake up then?…probably not.

  10. We have a 1. Weak Crime Minister in UK supporting genocide in Yemen alongside Saudi Arabia 2. We have a Terrorist Likkudite War on Terror creator 1979 Bibi Satanyahu, leading the Palestinian Holocaust 3. We have a Prince of Dubai Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum who has 30 children, and tortures and jails anybody who dares to oppose his ideas including his daughter but, you are telling me about POTSAR Dr Bashar Al assad's government's human rights records? Come on schemers/scamsters propagandist, come up with a real War Crimes figures being committed by UK/ Israhell/USA and Saudi Arabia. USA/UK/Israhell/France continue to support the terrorists in Syria.

  11. Do n ot forget to read the Frank Luntz Report Propaganda pr MAn for ISRAHELL.

  12. Brian Becker is right on. And it all depends on Russia, for if Syria does not receive all the S-400 anti-aircraft systems it needs, Russia has only itself to blame when Western Europe decides to invade.

  13. A Reminder! Bismilahirahmanirrahiim
    The fruit of hate teaching for centuries is coming to the fruition. The big problem of Iran, Hamas and Hesbullah are so hate Jews and want to EXPEL Jews from Israel since few centuries. From one generation to next generation the hatred has been teaching the children such as:

    These hated teaching from Hadith.
    Sahih Muslim 33—”I have been commanded to fight against people till they testify that there is no god but Allah”
    Sahih Muslim 4366—“ I will expel the Jews and Christian from the Arabian Peninsula and will not leave any but Muslim.
    This hadith has caused million People suffered and killed. Osma Bin Laden followed this Hadith to attack US 9/11 2001

    As long as Islamic Shiah and the extremist Muslim teach hatred to young Muslim, there is no peace between Jews and Iran, Hamas, Hesbullah.,

    In order to get peace in Middle East, Saudi and Iran have to stop teaching the false hadith to children and abolish this hatred teaching from the book of education. Saudi and Iran have to obey Human Right. Human Right is the core of Islam and Bible.
    Was Salam❤️

  14. Whichever way you look at it, the USA is always the problem

  15. Israel –jews — the evil and murderess sick demons
    US UK France EU the Zionist israel Useful PUPPETS AND those NAZI war criminals are USE FULL IDIOTS TO SERVE ZIONIST JEWISH ONE WORLD

  16. The root of the problem is – zionist Israel is trying to extend its borders into Syria ,Lebanon and so on Israel the evil satanic zionist Satan —– CIA US UK and other zionist western useful sic puppets to Satan
    It is All about zionist bloodthirsty Israel pushing its zionist puppets like s uk france

  17. We must stop refaring to the gaza strip as an open air prison because it is simply not working… So we must all refare to it now as the CONCENTRATION CAMP that it is and maybe the fraze "CONCENTRATION CAMP" will be more effective..!!!

  18. USA needs to get out of Syria and if the UN is anything other than utterly useless it would send troops to contain Israeli aggression and monitor it's behaviour and step in where necessary to protect all people from violence

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