The Best Of Weird Japanese Commercials

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48 comments on “The Best Of Weird Japanese Commercials

  1. hah

    hime hime hime hime hime suki suki daisuki hime hime hime hime hime kira kira rin

  2. Did you know that when the eagle was spinning the clock the clock had was going through the girls leg

  3. i love animes 😀 dragon ball attacok on titan, one punch man :DDDD

  4. ….They are like wierd people
    like this only reminds me of the "pinapple pen" song

  5. I only clicked on this cause I am obsessed with JAPAN and i hope I am Japanese

  6. How many peoples stop watching and check out the StopAd instead

  7. "What is koi? Isnt that a fish?"😂😂😂 Idk why i think thats cute…

  8. Omg there's a Comercial with the anime movies da
    each note love that movie

  9. I swear, Japanese ppl have gone crazy from sweets… 😛

  10. eating cup of noodles while watching this

    just realized smh

  11. If your a Japanese, you understand whats happening, trust me. My sis is Japanese and she said its not weird, its normal. They are simply saying, blah blah blah.

  12. If u think this commercials are weird watch the Japanese game trailers like the new monster hunter world
    Where one man acts like the monsters in the game
    It’s weird.

  13. The hairy monster with claws with the dude… Is DEATH NOTE!

  14. I'm reading manga rn
    Also I was thinking about Pocky for whole time lolzzz

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