The Avengers: Infinity War Deaths You Didn’t See CONFIRMED

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Another one (or more!) bites the dust.

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45 comments on “The Avengers: Infinity War Deaths You Didn’t See CONFIRMED

  1. They're not dead people, they all hid under the dumpster!!!!

  2. Irritating…you ramble on way too much after each one. The title lead me to believe this was a simple, "hey, here are the people who died and here's some details about where they were when they died or something"….but it's rambling about opinions, actors, and other crap. Ughhh…

  3. rocket, korg, meek, Valkyrie and Howard the duck = the new guardian team

  4. Imagine Jane comes back in avengers 4 and the reality stone becomes attached to her again and she harnesses its power

  5. I think Shuri is going to wear The Panther Suit in Avengers 4!

  6. There should be a spinoff movie for Korg and Meek traveling through space

  7. Thanos snaps his fingers wielding all 6 infinity stones, and 3 people die.

  8. I bet there’s gonna be a scene where someone tells Aunt May is told that Peter is gone

  9. What a little faggot, I don't like Howard the duck because he's a hard drinking womaniser, little pussy.

  10. They have to bring black panther back or they would get so much backlash for that

  11. I feel bad for May
    first she figures out Peter is spiderman
    then he dies

  12. There's a difference between clicking and snapping, dipsh!t.

  13. For me the deaths wasnt impactful because they took out too many key avengers. The only way for it to be impactful is if they revive some and leave the rest in oblivion. That would really surprise me

  14. Valkyrie, Korg, Mink and HALF the asguardeons didn’t die.

  15. Still expecting a scene with Loki and Valkyrie either pre- or after the first Infinity War having found some information on how to defeat Thanos

  16. what are the chances of someone actually dying right when you said it. think about it. it will inevitably happen. if it hasn't happened already, enough time will pass to the point where someone will in fact die while watching this video and even mid your sentence

  17. Sif didn't come back after the 2nd movie because she injured her ACL and wasn't able to perform physically that well anymore, so she went on to that show where she's naked and covered in tattoo's.

  18. I died right as they snapped at the end of this video and I'm super offended about it.

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