The AA-12 Semi-Auto, Light 22’s & Gemtech’s DISMISSED! – TGC News!

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This week on TGC News, Jon Patton is talking about the AA-12 Semi Auto is here, Super lightweight 22’s and the Gemtech vs Smith and Wesson Lawsuit gets dismissed!

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● AA-12 Semi Auto:
– 2016 video –
– FPS Russia AA12 –
– Future Weapons AA12 –

● 2A Armament 22lr:
– ammo list

● Gemtech lawsuit against Smith & Wesson:

● Guntuber – Kit Badger:

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31 comments on “The AA-12 Semi-Auto, Light 22’s & Gemtech’s DISMISSED! – TGC News!

  1. I can't help but think the fact that they're only being sold on Armslist and Gun Broker is sketchy as fuck. I'd pay 3 grand for a sub-MOA AR10 that weighs 7 pounds loaded. Not much else.

  2. As always awesome video👍👍👍👍….God Bless you🙏…

  3. And to think… FPS Ivanovich rarely (if ever) used ear protection and eye protection in those videos… seems insane now. Seemed insane then. Seems… totally insane. But, yeah– coolest novelty I will never own. pewpewpew, or… pompompom

  4. The idea of a $1400 22lr or $3600 semi auto shotgun is boring and uninteresting. I still liked the video tho!

  5. AA12 in "full auto" is slower that some guy shooting a better shotgun, the Saiga 12, in semi auto. AA12 is for the birds. Most I will pay is $499. Lets talk about how cheaply it is made, yes?

  6. sorry, don't see how anyone can justify those prices for a semi auto shotgun or a 22LR…I understand both rifles are cool but those prices are outrageous!!!

  7. Hey john, check out Kotaboy32 Tactical. I am nominating him for gubtuber of the week. Tell me what you think

  8. A semi auto AA12? Why? I mean, that makes about as much sense as a semi auto Browning 1917 or 1919

  9. This was definitely the PRICEY 12/22 episode. Yikes!! Good info as always.

  10. "TODAY ON TGC NEWS" ..Another weapon you'll never afford ………….. Bringing you things you actually care about ….

  11. AA-12 for $3k+? Nope. I've got a short barrel for my Mossberg 930, and I can put the whole mechanism into a custom stock any time for a LOT less than $3k – Plus I can get parts for it at any time with minimal wait and at a low cost. Only thing it's missing is the drum mag, but a mag tube extension giving it 9 round capacity is fine, and there are other higher capacity options available as well.

  12. $3k for a full auto AA12? In a heartbeat. $3k for a neutered semi-auto clone? No freaking way.

  13. 22lr suck. atleast a 22 mag or hornet or 5.7 i take 10mm or 460

  14. use steal ammo how you think ww3 going to be lead bullets bs. how do you think they penetrate armor

  15. Damn that's a slight bit steep $3250.00 for a semiautomatic AA12 yes I would love to have it. But c'mon now that's just serious price raping the gun committee.

  16. I can't wait to not get that gun. The aa12 is no better than a siaga. Hell I could get a tricked out fostec for that price

  17. No way not for 3k+ maybe at 1k or under but i think id still prefer a beneli m4

  18. A Semi-Auto AA-12 is worthless when it still is not the real thing.

  19. An AA12 would be nice, but at $3200 I'll just pretend that they still don't exist on the civilian market.

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