That Russian CHIC Is A Kremlin INFORMANT

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CNN The Lead with Jake Tapper – Breaking News 4/27/2018. CNN Political Analyst former FBI Sr. Intelligence Adviser Phil Mudd talks about the Russian lawyer Yuri Chaika or Natalia Veselnitskaya was a Russian government informant when she met with Trump campaign officials at Trump Tower in 2016, she admitted in an interview with NBC News slated to air Friday. She had previously denied she had any ties to the Russian government.

20 comments on “That Russian CHIC Is A Kremlin INFORMANT

  1. When will Vladimir flip on donny and release the goods? You know it's coming.

  2. The trump tower meeting is evidence of collusion. Lying about the meeting is evidence of collusion. Yet all we hear is no collusion

  3. DJT drain the swamp means drain the system of law and justice to favour Criminals figure out who removing rules actually helps also DJT campaign lied deceived cheated and did anything and everything to win shame on them

  4. This North Korea deal is a friendly shade from Russia and China

  5. There are russian picture of this woman and Putina together or her sitting front row at his speak meet when is American news media gone show them.

  6. Trump: "No collusion, no coordination, no contacts, no chemistry, no concern, and no coffee with Rush-Uh."

  7. I can’t believe Junior there thinks that he sets up the meeting to collude but it didn’t go anywhere so he is not guilty. It’s like a robber saying I tried to rob a bank but failed therefore I should walk away free. Ffs these people are just f’ken grossed.

  8. Trump is not content with rewriting AMERICA now he wants to rewrite the DICTIONARY TOO.
    Phil Mudd is one of the few AMERICANS that the real American people from twenty years ago would even RECOGNIZE as holding American values.
    GOWDY? NUNES? McCONNEL? Ryan? NOT one of them would be considered American then.
    AND PLEASE- they sure would not recognize any of them as CHRISTIANS, either.

  9. This is F-A-K-E NEWS! The Kremlin as never confirmed or the CIA, FBI have not confirmed! this story keeps changing? The LEFT will believe anything this is very odd and why this just comes out now!!!!! This has nothing to do with the US elections, FAKE NEWS as she admitted she worked with the Russian attorney general on a business case! She was talking about the "ADOPTION" Sanctions.

  10. She's a pretty spy. I'd tap that. She was probably working with Melania.

  11. "Informant" is what SHE wants to be known as. A working lawyer who reports to the Kremlin. If she does legal work at all, she WORKS in the INTERESTS of the Kremlin. Most likely she is an out and out government agent.

  12. Do you honestly think she would have arranged that meeting without Putin's/DT's knowledge?

  13. The email already stated that her information was part of the "Russian government's effort" to get drumpf elected. Mueller is putting out info for the American public to digest. Tells me they have enough evidence to indict.

  14. Every Russian is a informant don't you people watch the Americans

  15. So what was the dnc doing paying a kremlin laywer to bait the trump campaign?

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