Tanks in Turkish border city of after rocket strike from Syrian territory

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Turkish tanks and military vehicles arrived at the Turkish border city of Reyhanli on Sunday, after three rockets from Syrian territory hit the city, causing the death of at least one person and leaving more than 32 wounded.

The missiles were reportedly launched from Syrian territory as retaliation for the ‘Olive Branch’ operation headed by Turkey against Kurdish-held targets in northern Syria.

Firefighters and rescue crews were deployed in the area.

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15 comments on “Tanks in Turkish border city of after rocket strike from Syrian territory

  1. Down with assad regime ottoman turks defend turkey see how they dont care and shot 4 rockets into a City with civiians … Typicall ypg kurds

  2. ©™ ALX 💥 Armed 🔫 Liberation 🕶 Xecutive 🕴 Observations:
    If there are any US troops near the location of the launch point of these rocket from Syria they better have left by now. Pay backs a b tch!
    Erdogan can pull this off if the Turks are in and out in 96 hours or less.
    And, as a follow-up, Erdogan should quit the idea of EU membership, pull out of NATO and sign a mutual defense pact with Russia. Thus denying access to Incurlik air base to all of NATO ( requires all European NATO alliance members to rethink all their defense strategy for the region) and a allows Russia and China and Iran access to Incurlik air base which they would pay dearly for!

  3. The Iranians are laughing at our misery. Its time YPG,Peshmerga and all other Kurdish fighters start attacking Iran and carve out eastern Kurdistan from Iran.

  4. This is just a beginning. We know how to start wars, but ends are always surprised.

  5. knowing how the world "really works"…wouldnt have been surprised if it was Turkish Troops that fired into Reyhanli…there are no good guys in this.

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