‘Taliban interested in unconditional peace talks’

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Afghan officials say there are signs that the Taliban militant group has welcomed a government offer for unconditional peace talks.

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20 comments on “‘Taliban interested in unconditional peace talks’

  1. They need war in Afghanistan so if the Taliban won't fight they will just send ISIS and al Qaeda to Afghanistan to fight.

  2. USA would like to have talks. The only problem is the USA wants unconditional war.

  3. First Taliban should kill all ISIS the Americans supporters Then ther will be dialogues !

  4. There is no such thing as a political solution to a religious problem.

    The Taliban are religious extremists and most in the region do not want to live under their rule, yet they force it on them. If they were just an anti capitalist group fighting the ameritards then np, but these people are the definition of zealots.

  5. Maybe some of the Taliban want peace talks but not them all it's isis in the east 5hey have to worry about….only if the security was better its a rich country with minerals and oil…

  6. What? is d usa not paying isis n Taliban no more? May as well take over d social reengineering experiment by making peace.huh? .. the usa n nato will use ya ..ask isis what happened working with d usa..ya will have no peace..d whole fraud only works if ya play n get paid to be d bad guy and d usa d blue eyed blonde hair Christian crusader that saves ya..lol..plus its d only way ya get development money. So no peace..get to killing each other..chop chop…off some heads u gullible bastards..no peace deals. Only more wars on lies…no money no other way

  7. ©™ ALX ⚖ Armed 🔫 Liberation ⛓ Xecutive 🕶 Observation ✍

    17 YEARS and in two years they will be back in power

  8. Sure is a nice American tax payer provided Humvee the Taliban have there. Do American tax payers really not know where their stolen trillions of dollars have gone?…or do they just not care?

  9. Good. Now turn in all the weapons, and give up the corrupt leaders who took American dollars to kill their brother muslims.

  10. So it is true, America is running out of money. Don't worry the good old Saudis will come to the rescue of the Terrorists. They will supply and fund them maybe not with the Humvee jeeps, maybe with the Toyota trucks.. Someone contacted Toyota asking why all the terrorists are using Hi Lux Toyota trucks. They replied USA bought them in one bulk purchase from them.. Makes you Think or at least it should unless you are brain dead

  11. The only solution is to remove American pigfucker yanks from the country

  12. There is no doubt that few key leaders of Taliban (mullah Rasul) wants to start negotiate with current afghan regime any day" but like I said he is not controling whole amount of Taliban in Afghanistan. now Taliban separated by two groups since death of mula mansoor" they 're not taking orders from one supreme leader. Mullah rasul is basically a original Taliban or afghan Taliban, this group which controls by mula Rasul, they receive aids from inside government and Afghanistan opium business. So the another part of Taliban which is mullah haibatullah controls in eastern and southern Afghanistan, he is the guy that receive aids and ammunition from russia, Saudi Arabia, China, Iran and they train and equips in Pakistan the NWFP or north wazirstan.

  13. that's because they're tired of the American regime and the CIA dealing heroin out of Afghanistan that's why we guard the poppy fields wake up kick America out of Afghanistan

  14. the American regime / CIA are responsible for most of the heroin deaths in the world wake up

  15. anyone who believes this…just like peace talks with N Korea will yield results are high as a kite and are not realistic…the end of the world must indeed be nigh

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