Sweet Tired Cat [-.-]Zzz – Fluffy Persian Kitten –

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Baltazar, America’s Cutest “Sweet Tired Cat” Is Falling Into Sleep [-.-]Zzz
The Cutest, Fluffiest Kitten On Earth, So Fluffy, Cute & Nice!

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47 comments on “Sweet Tired Cat [-.-]Zzz – Fluffy Persian Kitten –

  1. First thing the kitty's gonna listen to when she wakes up is Bon Jon Jovi and The Beesie Boys.

  2. Such a sweet video! I want to reach in and pet its nose and paws. 🙂

  3. I love cats but when they breed them to such an extent that they lose thier since of playfulness an naughtiness then it upsets me,y r we humen so selfish to change everything according to our own taste regaurdless of their suffering 😩

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  7. I love baby's kittens they are so cute makes me happy😻😍💓

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