Suicide Squad Hell To Pay Movie Review

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Suicide Squad Hell To Pay (2018) movie review by John Campea. John takes a few minutes to talk about the new DC animated film Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay. It’s an R rated, violent animated film with some of the more recognizable characters from the world of DC comics.

Suicide Squad Hell To Pay synopsis: Amanda Waller’s secret team Task Force X (consisting of Deadshot, Bronze Tiger, Killer Frost, Captain Boomerang, Harley Quinn and Copperhead) is sent to retrieve a powerful mystical object that they will risk their lives to steal. Unfortunately for the Suicide Squad, there are other villains who want the prize, and they must win a race to get it, in order to stay alive.

Voice Cast:

Christian Slater (Deadshot)

Billy Brown (Bronze Tiger)

Liam McIntyre (Captain Boomerang)

Kristin Bauer van Straten (Killer Frost)

Gideon Emery (Copperhead)

Tara Strong (Harley Quinn)

Vanessa Williams (Amanda Waller)

40 comments on “Suicide Squad Hell To Pay Movie Review

  1. Batman ninja better but like Michael Slater's voice and zoom also

  2. I already know the spoilers of the film but this fairly glowing recommendation makes me wanna check it out

  3. I was pleasantly surprised by this, but has anyone else noticed how sexulized the animated films are getting got to wonder at this rate how long till they go all the way on that.

  4. No DC animated film has topped "Under The Red Hood" so far. Will give this one a watch to see if it does.

  5. I thought it was average at best, though some of the characters worked better in this than in the Suicide Squad movie.

  6. I wish these movies came with a list of which ones are connected and which are not. I mean is the new Doomsday movie connected to the Damien Wayne movies?

  7. Great movie but it is not a sequel to Batman Assault on Arkham which was a Suicide Squad animated film too.

  8. I've enjoyed the DCAU. From Flashpoint Paradox to Justice League Throne of Atlantis and now this latest installment, which is somewhat of an alternate universe as well.
    All in all the DCAU is solid and worth a watch, and Suicide Squad Hell to Pay is another solid entry

  9. Can you do a review of teen titans go to the movies trailer#2 its been a fire storm online

  10. Hated this movie.The only thing I thought was great was that twist ending.

  11. I just loved how they connected the storyline to Justice League Flashpoint Paradox. Seeing Eobard Thawne kind of living in borrowed time and the strain it take on him as he uses his speed force was shown pretty well.

  12. I thought animation was allowed to show blood and violence and still be pg13?

  13. DC Animations have had a long history of being great, makes you wonder why they can't get it done in live action with so much more money on the line. There's really no excuse to get worse results for more money, they should really just get on their hands and knees and beg Bruce Timm and Paul Dini to write all their movies.

  14. would like to hear your thoughts on the other DC animated films (from Justice League Flashpoint and on…)

  15. wait, John liked it? I'm DEFINITELY checking this movie out 😀

  16. I really enjoyed Batman Assault on Arkham so if this movie is anything like that then im down.

  17. its better then the Live action movie was…. and that says a lot… about the live action movie…. in general i love the animated stuff more, cuz they can do stuff that they not do in movies cuz of special effect cost or lack of vision, also these animated movies are not pc or sjw nor feminist… which now days is wide spread thru almost all media… we have badass male and female characters… they dont degrade the male characters….

  18. I think this was an okay animated film. Since they're continuing the New 52 Animated Unuverse and that they can go R rated, I would like to see them adapt Death of the Family or Endgame.

  19. TO truly enjoy this movie i recommend you watch dc animated flashpoint paradox. it will fill you in on reverse flash motivation.

  20. You should review the animated Under the Red Hood movie.

  21. This is depiction of Killer Frost is accurate,unlike the Flash version.

  22. The recent DC animated movies have been trash but this sounds promising.

  23. I thought it was a great movie and I enjoyed it even more than "Batman Ninja" which I also liked a lot. John if you enjoyed Suicide Squad then I highly recommend "Batman: Gotham by Gaslight", especially for that twist ending!!

  24. I liked Hell to Pay quite a bit, but I still think I like Assault on Arkham just a little more. It is still sad how both animated Suicide Squad movies are just so much better than the live action movie. These two movies show that someone at WB has the right idea when it comes to the property.

  25. I loved bronze tiger in this movie. I still like batman assault on Arkham better though but this was really good

  26. My favorite DC animated movie this year is Gotham Gaslight.

  27. not gonna lie i hate the animation on the flash/reverse flash in their most recent animated movies.

  28. I'm shocked you actually review this movie. Can you review Batman: Assault on Arkham aka the Suicide Squad movie. Would love to hear your opinion.

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