STRANGE LOOKING YouTube shooter angry at company for demonetizing her videos…

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31 comments on “STRANGE LOOKING YouTube shooter angry at company for demonetizing her videos…

  1. Omg! We don't have any A.I.'s on this planet, yet. Sophia is not an A.I. She's just a teaser of what A.I. could be like in the future. They give her preprogrammed sentences to say before every interview. A true A.I. would be able to form opinions and sentences by itself. Please read up on it if you don't believe me. Type in "is Sophia really an A.I.?"

  2. That woman looked creepy and she moved weirdly. You took the words right out of my mouth.

  3. Some people just have dull personalities but it's more than that for her she's a troubled soul. I'm praying for her thank God no one was killed in this incident. She needs counseling behind bars I know that has to be requirement.

  4. Don't let Alex Jones still your theory's from you, Ti. Keep an eye on that insane maniac.

  5. AI is modeled after people like her. She plays into the sick fantasy of men. Is this woman special? Probably. She's not supposed to seem warm and human-like. She is supposed to be a mindless fantasy. A woman without boundaries, willing to do almost anything. That is her niche. Think of all of the other odd niches on YouTube. Watching people eat, for one. Yuk. Pimple popping is another. All of it is weird. However, there is an audience for it.

  6. She is a robot who put this robot up to this bullshit and who paid the man to say that he was the father

  7. I don’t get why people are surprised that “she seems robotic” or “not human” she was clearly an egotistical sociopath incapable of empathy for other human life. Most mass shooters and murderers are! It’s in their nature. She struck me as odd too but so did Charles Manson. No one thought he was a robot. Crazy comes in many forms. Has anyone thought maybe she seems awkward and robotic because she didn’t have much human contact in her life?? None of her vids feature her with anyone else. She probably lacked social skills and connected more with animals. She was clearly socially awkward. And as for a transgender agenda? WTF? LOL people I swear. Hearing zebras!

  8. Maybe she has mental health issues and isn't on meds or maybe the wrong kind. Not to be mean but her eyes have a lost zone look.

  9. How can an A.I. shoot up a building? Jeez. They gave her an outlet to earn money, then took it away. One minute you're making money and the next you're not. That's enough to throw off those who are thrown off. A few months ago you were even talking about how Youtube isn't censoring their heavy-hitters. I'm sure she looked around Youtube and came to the same conclusion. "Why are you demonetizing this, when [blank] gets to show suicide victims?" You took it in stride and formed other income outlets. She didn't. She probably stewed in her paranoia and decided to shoot up the building. Oh, and people like different things. Maybe she was big in Iran?

  10. I'm so weak To. You got me rolling over here. You're not alone because I'm with you on your thoughts. The way she talks even sounds like a robot.

  11. So I've seen two comments so far that could be more common sense to explain her.

    1. Women from her culture and background tend to look very doll like and have certain features which I believe, if you look at those "real life barbie" girls in the media you've seen, they are russian, Armenian Persian etc.

    2. In her culture mental illness is taboo, and her having to make her own money as an adult she couldn't handle probably from being untreated and supported her whole life.

    Point is, she was sick and nobody deserved to get hurt over her struggle for views. And it's shameful nobody tried to medicate her and get her help. If her dad really warned them idk why nothing was done to prevent her actions. Sad sad world.

  12. She is not on some A.I. tip. The lady was Arab. She does not look any funnier than some black people with these weird weave hairstyles.

  13. she not real and im not falling for the bull they trying to insert them into the world that one sophia has citizen ship WTF.

  14. It’s so insulting that they automatically assumed that it was a domestic situation or a love triangle, because she’s a woman. Ummm women can be crazy and violent too, and it could have nothing to do with a relationship. Next they’ll be saying that she was PMSing. 🙄😑

  15. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN 2018!!!!!😱😱😱 that is a robot.
    I'm 💀

  16. T you on to something about her. I thought she was off looking as well.

  17. I mean, it's definitely more fun to think robot lmao….but anyone else look at her and just see batshit crazy? 😲

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