Star Wars Episode 9 ‘Kevin Feige Takeover Rumor’ Breakdown | Should Kathleen Kennedy Be Replaced?

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Star Wars article:

36 comments on “Star Wars Episode 9 ‘Kevin Feige Takeover Rumor’ Breakdown | Should Kathleen Kennedy Be Replaced?


  2. I think the last Jedi left a lot of possibilities for JJ to work with that don't destroy his original intentions. The big one being the supposed smoke death. If JJ always intended Smoke to be more powerful and terrifying than the Emperor , and actually planned on using his as one of the most important characters throughout all 3 movies, then he can easily have him come back, revealing that he was even more powerful than Darth Plageous, who could not succeed in saving his own life. That's just one example, but there are other things he can do as well. JJ is far from screwed.

  3. Star Wars is all about being “woke” now. If you’re not woke you’re a sexist racist bigot.

  4. Kevin Feige would be better for SW than KK, but no, he should not be the new President.

    Making films for the Marvel Universe is easy compared to making compelling Star Wars films that can compete year after year against blockbusters from other studios as well as Disney's.

    The Star Wars Universe is very narrow in what stories can be told. They have no Captain American, Iron Man, Thor, Spierman, Hulk, X men, Wolverine etc that they get 3 or 4 profitable films from before rebooting with new actors & modified canon.

    Marvel writers on the other hand have multiverses, including our own & Earth, magic, gods, time travel, superheroes etc. It's very easy to write a compelling & competitive Marvel story … compared with Star Wars.

    JJ Abrams should be the INTERIM President of Lucas Films for the next couple of years. He should be allowed to properly set up the Saga universe he had planned for the Sequel Trilogy … and train Dave Filoni or Ronald D. Moore to take over from him when the new Star Wars universe has been firmly established.

    TFA and the sequel trilogy follows FILM CANON .. and especially the Prequels concerning Midi chlorians, powerful dark lords being able to create life with the midi chlorians, … and the idea of GRAY JEDI.

    Palpatine CREATED Anakin
    Snoke CREATED Rey
    Luke was never going to defeat Snoke, but knew Rey would.
    Rey will become the first GRAY JEDI.

    JJ Abrams is a successful TV & film writer, producer, & director. He is also clearly a SW fan.

    And JJ Abrams has very talented writing colleagues that will help him EXPAND the SW UNIVERSE the way it should have been done — with a single common & consistent vision.

  5. It's not Johnson. It is Kennedy. She hasn't learned from her bad decisions just as Scott Gimple hasn't either. Like I said, the bad writing will only kill the franchise. Look at Fear the Walking Dead, it started with 10 million views and now averages 20 million views. It has lost 80% of its fan base. Look at Walking Dead where it's peak was in season 5, yet the highest viewed episode had 17 million views and now averages 6 to 7 million. It goes to show that if you aren't loyal to the fans they will abandon the series. This is why I won't pay to go see another Star Wars movie in theaters. Honestly, Kennedy just continues to preach politics and people want to enjoy a good movie! Not liberal garbage with a SJW droid and Lando being pansexual, which was a director that made it controversial. Lando from episode 5 was flirty and romantic to Princess Leia. Solo completely disses the Original Trilogy. That goes against his character. Last Jedi was terrible. That was not a true Luke Skywalker. He wouldn't have tosses the lightsaber over, he isn't a wimp. He grew into a man in episode 5 and 6 and then goes back to being a scared little boy in 8? Yeah that was terrible writing only by a woman who does not understand the story of Star Wars. Killing off Snoke, bad idea! He was a great mysterious character who should have been around in 9. But, let's kill him because of random reasons? Yeah the franchise needs work! Please Marvel President save our pitiful franchise before Star Wars becomes Wimp. Wars

  6. Even if KK is removed the problem is the writing group for these movies

  7. It took a long time, but I have officially decided that I did not like The Last Jedi, especially what they did what they did with Luke. I wouldn't have minded what they did with him, if he came back in the end or in episode 9 and redeemed himself. He died, while he was in his lie. He didn't complete his character arc. It would be similar to if Rick died right after killing those innocent prisoners in season 8 episode 14. He needs to come back around and complete his arc.

  8. No KK didnt learn nothing she needs to go johnson was just a yes man remember she is the one that told him to put in mary poppin's Leia and fired all those other director for "creative difference" it was because those other directors didnt want SJW crap in there movies. Just replace her with Dave Filoni and someone who run the business side or keep KK and she just run the business side and stay the hell off the Dave Filoni creative side of all things.

  9. K Kennedy needs to go. She is an incompetent feminazi who is totally clueless about what Star Wars is. She hates the main audience: white males. Why on earth do you want to keep that toxic woman around?

  10. Star Wars is ruined for me. I've lost all interest in it. These directors didn't grasp we wanted to see the original heroes of star wars, no one is invested in the new characters.

  11. Rewrite, reshoot TLJ then move forward to ep9

    It’ll be embarrassing but it will extinguish the dumpster fire.

  12. I personally didn't love either Last Jedi or Solo, but people have an inflated image of what the Star Wars films are and an unhealthy attachment to what are now 'Legends', and are using not going to see Solo as a form of civil unrest at the studio.

    Episode IV was brilliant, Episode V (which George Lucas had almost NOTHING to do with) is one of the greatest films of all time, Return of the Jedi and all three prequels are terrible, TERRIBLE films, as are the two Ewoks films Lucas was hands-on with. So all you really have is one good Lucas film, and proof that he was quite an awful film-maker who fluked it once in the brilliance that Irvine Kerschner and Laurence Kazdan produced pretty much without him, compared to five stinking piles of shit that he made himself after New Hope.

    That and ALL the books are awful and insultingly bad, with only a handful (Thrawn trilogy comes to mind) that are 'meh' and only slightly better than the god-awful Star Trek books written by the actors.

    And while Solo is the least of the four-so-far Disney films, its better than five bad ones Lucas made after New Hope by a huge distance, and people are missing out on what is a decent film, because they are sulking.

    I consider myself a star-wars fan, I watch (and re-watch before every new film) everything except the Ewok films, I enjoy a lot of the video-games BECAUSE of the world and characters they use from the series, but with people throwing their toys out of the pram over this, added to the (and you can't deny they exist) pricky-little-nerd-boys who get all offended and vile over there being more black and female characters in the films these days, you can't expect anyone to have sympathy who isn't either sulking or a prick.

    TLDR, the new films are better than anything Lucas made himself except New Hope, and 90% of fan fiction is better than the god-awful legends novels. Disney, Rian Johnson, and Kathleen Kenedy haven't ruined Star Wars, they just made fan-boys and arseholes sulk, and THAT is what's ruining Star Wars.

  13. Leave Kathleen alone. Kill Rian Johnson. He killed star wars.

  14. lucas: sorry Kathleen it’s not working out
    Kathleen: what u gonna do replace me?
    *feigie drops down from roof
    Feigie: well hello there

  15. Kennedy and all of her minions must be banished from movie land if Star Wars is to survive.

  16. SW has definitely been damaged, but is it her fault entirely?…who knows what’s going on behind the scenes.

  17. Star Wars has turned into an SJW Puke Fest. SJW's are a cancer that kills everything it infects. Star Wars and Feminist Ghostbusters are two perfect examples.

  18. The difference between Marvel and Star Wars is the Marvel team had a fine tuned blueprint laid out over 10+ years.. the Star Wars team is so ass backwards and a mess

  19. Problem is I like what Feigi is doing at Marvel. Now Filoni….. Yes please. I don't think KK has learned a thing because she still hasn't muzzled her staff. That's the 1st fire I'd put out.

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