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NEW !!! 2018 Something biblical is going on with strange end times events happening worldwide week after week…

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  1. This time was when God told Noe that he and his family could leave the Ark and to be fruitful and multiply. Genesis .If you have the answer for what month on the 27th day , please share with us . Thank you so much and may God Bless you in Jesus name .

  2. Unfortunately, many of the conventional "church" buildings are dead, producing spiritually dead people, hence no reaction to the persecutions. The Lord is calling out those who have eyes to see and ears to hear to do His mighty works in these end times. We are being prepared and growing in number, for the battle ahead. May the Lord to continue protect the saints, those who love Him, and bring a heart to repentance to those who are still seeking and have a heart for Him.

  3. A lot of crazy things happening..thanks for the awesome videos 2 preachers!💟

  4. God bless that woman that refused to accept Islam . What example of strong, unshakeable faith!

  5. Wonderful job with giving out the Bible’s; making disciples of all nations.

  6. Fake News does NOT publicize important news…Satanic control…Pray and speak up daily. God is watching our actions AND inaction. In Jesus' Name, I ask for Blessings and favor for an Awakening of His children.

  7. Yes i do want to fund a mission i want to give them food and shoes and things that they need

  8. Do you guys realize that the majority of your videos are called SOMETHING STRANGE HAPPENING IN…..
    How can we tell them apart?

  9. In New Zealand – 29 April 4000 homeless in Rotorua as more flood waters filled homes and cars!

  10. Its irritating that our news don't tell us half of the news especially these vids thx guys for putting this out there.

  11. And the earth opened up on a Rotorua farm 200 meters long and 20 wide and 20 meters deep! Crazy times!!!

  12. End times – praying for many to have Salvation through Jesus Christ !!Amen. Hell is a horrible horrible end let's help bring the Gospel to as many as we can . Amen . Great job!!! You are Blessed.

  13. its now illegal to buy or sell bibles in California, USA…

  14. Pakistan is the epicentre of Christian Persecution worldwide.
    Mortified to what they did to our sister, but glad that she now have her blessed rest in YESHUA HA MESHEKEINU THE HATIKVAH SHEL YISRAEL AND THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD/ JESUS THE MESSIAH THE HOPE OF ISRAEL AND THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD.
    Rest in Perfect Peace in the arms of JESUS that love us until we meet at the first resurrection of the dead.

  15. Chris and Reza    I LOVE seeing these precious people that have accepted Jesus as Savoir and I will commit their faces to memory and look for them in Heaven just to give them big hugs!   Love you lads!

  16. Hi Guys, thanks for the update, I was so grieved to her about this sister in Christ, so wicked! makes me so sad to see this happening, but it is happening all around different parts of the world, Jesus said in Matthew, about the beginnings of sorrow, and its so true, this is it NOW! TIME IS GETTING CLOSER FOR HIS RETURN! This month of May, is an important time when Jerusalem is a state for 70yrs! we know the hour is short, time for Yahweh to come back very soon! wonderful to see the bibles still going out, hope to increase my 2 dollar a month very soon. God Bless u guys and thanks for all your help. x 🙂 PRAYING.

  17. Love you guys:) Thank you for the beautiful work you are doing for our Father! Many prayers:):)

  18. My Lord please protect those in Kenya! please give them peace especially your children! God help them in Jesus name! Great channel brothers thanks for all the information that they don't talk about! God bless you all!

  19. I've been reading the same KJV since I was 8 and now I'm 65. It's the only bible I've read. But a couple years ago I started seeing things in it I had never seen before. Scriptures that I had memorized and said thousands of times were different. Then I was given my first computer ever. I soon started finding out about this thing called the Mandela effect. Anyway watch this film [ Mandela effect alert: wake up Christians before it's too late ]. Our  bibles are being changed supernaturally! I know it sounds crazy, but God said to "prove all things". Einstein said "denial without investigation is the height of ignorance". God warned us of this in Amos 8:11 , Daniel 7:25, and 2nd Thessalonians 2:10. What's happening is prophecy being fulfilled! This film has several pastors that PROVE what I'm saying. It's undeniable! Watch it with your own bible opened. I've been studying this every day for a year and a half and have learned a lot.  After you watch this film you can write back and I'll give you help finding out what a lot of the proven changes are so we can help to preserve the original scriptures. These changes are being done by Satan and are to bring in the one world religion and the reign of the antichrist. This is more important than anything that's happened in 2000 years! Each day that people don't learn about this means more souls lost! I think about atheists and children that will never know what the original KJV said..P.S. I will not answer any questions or reply to anyone until they've watched this because I'm too busy helping the people that have. God bless us all!


  21. There is a prophet mighty in word and deed dcalled Dr. David Owuor who not only pedicted the devastating events that have struck Mexico, the Carabean islands, Heuston, Florida, but warned them to repent before these devastations occurred telling them what would befall them if they did not heed his warning. The two witnesses have arrived and spectacular enents announced their arrival and the prphet commanded the sun to clap its hands and the sun began to pulse and glory fell upon the tent where the prophet stood. See also the accountof the raising of dead Mama Rosa. Phenominal!!

  22. We're praying Men of GOD…so continue to keep up your good works and glorify our Heavenly Father! In the mighty name of Jesus, Father I pray your grace be upon the people of Pakistan and all other countries in need of salvation that they may receive adequate spiritual resources during these perlious times to come to know you in the parting of their sins. And LORD have mercy upon the many lost souls in every place that you are drawing into your kingdom for such a time as this I pray…in Jesus name. Amen and amen.

  23. I find it fascinating that all these events are always reported as unprecedented, and they still deny the obvious truth.

  24. At 9:49 when people have so little and give all they have what does that say about us that have so much. Luke 21:1-4 Blessings…..

  25. And we're told Islam is a peaceful religion. No, you won't see this on mainstream media. Thanks for the work you two do. Peace.

  26. Have mercy Father God!This is not going to get better my friends,it's just the beginning of labor pains. The contractions hurt more every passing min. God bless you all.

  27. I'm a massage therapist out of work because of osteoarthritis, in addition, I'm a writer and my first book is to be released this month. Sci-fi/fantasy/adventure series. When I get sales from the book I'd like to give so others may get a bible and know Christ, see and feel the heart of God, and know the power of the Holy Spirit in their lives. Until that day, I'm praying daily for your ministry and will share videos on facebook.

  28. As a Kenyan what I can say is that my country can be summaries as this
    1. EXtreme looting/theft of pubic funds. And I mean in billions. People have lost shame. From govt officials to normal everyday office person is stealing.
    2. Culture of lying,dishonesty
    3. Culture of murdering people
    4. Youth consumer of alcohol
    5 short cut nation of thugs and conmen
    6. Very DISHONEST nation

    We top up on this behaviour in the region. In Tanzania were known as murders, thugs and thieves. God is trying to warn us but no one is listening

  29. We have flooding too up here in eastern Canada (New Brunswick).

  30. Your doing a great job Preaching guys. Keep it up.. ..
    but please reflect on the converting. In a 97% Muslim population, its far more positive to spread the light by leading by example. God Bless †

  31. Wow I just found your channel and this stuff needs to be shared everywhere this is so sad 🙁

  32. Please pray for the rapture to happen immediately I know GOD in Heaven has his time but what if he wants us to beg for the rapture to happen to say it’s time I’m just thinking what if the word got out to pray for the rapture and millions upon millions start praying for the rapture GOD in Heaven won’t ignore us maybe he will say enough is enough the good on earth are suffering and they need to be with the savior just imagine starting and ending and telling others to pray for the rapture to happen MATTHEW 21 22 says you can get anything-anything you ask for in prayer-if you believe and John 14 14 says Yes ask anything using my name and I will do it please pray for the rapture to happen immediately thanks GOD bless y’all Spread the word

  33. Meanwhile the west is embracing and submitting to Islam through 3rd world mass immigration !!!

  34. God bless you and your work in Pakistan. May Almighty God pour his blessings on you and the people of Pakistan that are seeking the Truth. In Jesus name, Amen.

  35. media very rarely reports persecution of christians. that also part of the problem. when did you hear about christians in iraq or syria in the media the last time? its a shame really.

  36. It matters not what religion a person is. In the grand moment, they will be in heart or mind. All are loved equally, regardless of anything. They will choose in their moment. ♥️☀️

  37. Pray for the church so that the church is not spiritually wretched miserable or poor

  38. Nice Video Dude !  Follow my lovely Musics and feel relax 😁💆

  39. 😢😢😢😢😢💔 this Sad 💔💔💔💔 please Jesus Come 🕊🕊🕊🌎


  41. I live in the Caribbean but not affected by flood or any disasters. What caused these floods are the north pole on the earth the ice keep melting and what cause the melting  is man and their world bombs in the water creating tremendous heat also in the Caribbean around the islands have been filled with earth so the water looking for space to run and that what we call flood. I am a praying man and believe in the Most High ( Yah )and his son Yahushua to my heart as a true Hebrew and I am expecting worse than that in the near future also the nations will destroy themselves because they oppressed the people of God the father ,look and see for what is happening on the earth if you don't believe what I am saying, people who pray to the father through his son will not suffer  .

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