Sleepy Roomba Cat

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This is how my cat Max-Arthur spends his time if not riding a roomba vacuum. 😛

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21 comments on “Sleepy Roomba Cat

  1. now that this cat is famous its break time…. where are my treats for my awesome performance on tv?

  2. Its so sweet to see his tail react to your voice while his face remains quiet.

  3. its more entertaining listening to you talking to the cat than watching maxi lol
    maxi love youuuuuuuuuuu

  4. I believe Max is a Snowshoe, seal point and white in coloring.
    I'm not sure if he is pure bread or not, but he certainly looks like a Snowshoe. 🙂 Hope that helps.

  5. He knew you were talking to him because I could see the tip of his tail moving as you spoke. He's really beautiful and a joy to watch.

  6. He's so sweet. My cats refuse to use a cat bed. They would rather sleep in a box, on an old piece of wood, or on a piece of paper – anything but the bed, lol

  7. My cat sleeps on my bed, or on me. He's on the bed now, snoozing away

  8. 33 seconds? You could have at least poured some cold water on the cat so it would do something. I do it to myself every morning to wake up.

  9. We all know how hard house-work (roomba) is! He has earned his rest! lol

  10. Max is a classic cat! You call out to them and if they're not in the mood they don't bother taking any notice.

    Oh well – the dogs are always desperate for attention no matter what!

  11. Max looks like he's going over his mental "to do" list:

    Ate, check. Drank, check. Peed, check. Pooed, check. Smacked Sharky, check. Well, looks like I did everything on my list today. Time for a well-deserved nap!

  12. @sunshinegirl1967 LOL this is so funny comment again!!! we were laughing so hard. Thnaks!

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