Should Japan Re-militarize Under North Korean Threats? | ASIAN BOSS

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Special thanks to:
Erika (Reporting)
Jordan (Filming)
Miyuki & Hiroko (Co-ordinating)

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31 comments on “Should Japan Re-militarize Under North Korean Threats? | ASIAN BOSS

  1. If you are curious about what's really happening not just in Japan but the rest of Asia, you should watch other videos of ours for the most authentic insight. If you want to become our volunteer reporter to represent your country (in Asia for now), get in touch with us at [email protected] Stay safe, everybody!

  2. Relying on other countries/people for your defense is never a good plan. All that does is give the other countries leverage over you and screw you over in the case they decide not to protect you for some reason. These other countries are never going to put your needs above their own. Speak softly, and carry a big stick

  3. Again it's pointless to remilitarize Japan based on North Korea because, at the end of the day, its based on American interests, to Chinese interests, Russian interests and they all have different interests in North Korea.
    Most Japanese people are too peaceful, so most young Japanese people will never understand the horror of war, fortunately, unlike those who are unfortunate enough to know the horror of it, like the Armenians (the Nagorno-Karabakh war against the Azeris and Turks then their very survival of their existence), the Chechens (they believe that the Russians are destroying their very identity and their way of life), the Russians (they feel that their legitimacy of their authority over Chechnya through the Tsarist times to Soviet times is threatened, when the Chechens declared their independence that led to two brutal wars).
    Through all of these conflicts, so much blood was shed and innocent lives are lost even worse, there were so many dehumanizations from raping, killing, looting and unimaginable tortures that happened during those conflicts I think many young Japanese will not understand nor comprehend such suffering and literally having hatred toward other people then the thought of murdering and torturing them out of spite, then the PTSD and mental health issue that they have to live with.
    It's not worth going through such depravity and insanity, personally I think America, China and Russia should peacefully resolve the North Korean crisis as countries with influence and power and be a role model for the 21st century (I know its idealistic at best but I believe that is the best) if not more people will die for nothing.

  4. There is one comment in this video that is mostly false. No one forced Japan to adopt a defense-only military and such a limited military expenditure. In fact, Gen. MacArthur begged them not to go as far as they did in limiting their military. Their elected leaders, weary of war, and appalled at what their country did during WWII and how their military state brainwashed them before and during the war, chose to limit their war capability on their own. The US had nothing to do with that decision and, in fact, were opposed to them limiting their military capabilities so much. Yes, some limits may have been desired as in Germany, but nothing like the degree to which the Japanese limited their military.

  5. If the people of Japan interviewed here are a representative of their government then I would say that they have a lot to be proud of and thus a lot to protect. It is hard to say if the concerns over NK are real but if they are (and they could be) then Japan has a huge interest in making sure that US forces (should they invade NK) would succeed. I think that it is nice that armed conflict has been virtually absent from most of East Asia for so long, all of the countries out there have been benefiting from peace. NK is jeopardizing that peace and that makes me wonder why all of the nations around NK aren't blockading trade and travel to and from NK to eliminate the threat.

  6. What is Kei’s ethnicity? His accent is so strange and I can’t tell if he is white or Asian lol

  7. Go, Japan ! If country dosen't have military that is not country. All the country have right for preserve to their land. I know Japan is good and north korea is evil.
    this is truth. So, I believe that if korea attack by north korea, Japan will send military for south korea.

    / From south korea

  8. Damn, she interviewed all those people using just an earbud mic? Good job Erica and thank you for your work.

  9. If Japan was never forced to lose their military, there would be no North Korea…

  10. A lot of Japanese scholars and specialists working in strategic fields have voiced that there isn't much chance of Japan remilitarising or constitutional amendments as opposed to many neighbouring Asian states' concerns. They pointed out Japanese' perceptions of its security planning have always been ultimately based on the U.S.-Japan alliance and Article 9. Plus, concerns surrounding Japan's militarism are primarily derived from historical traumas or grievances, rather than realistic insight into how Japanese politics works.

  11. Article 9 must be amended. 憲法9条を改正しないと行けない

  12. Damn, that kinda sad to see that there so many spineless people in Japan. Used to be a nation where soldier would give up their lives for their country.

  13. What a bunch of sheep! America does what is best for America. They will let Tokyo burn as long as their bases and assets in Japan are safe.
    Make your own decisions for YOUR Home !! Your country is advanced enough and rich enough to smash any invading Asian country (including China). America should pay Japan to have its bases on your territory-its called rent! America in SK and JPN is present to protect their interests NOT Japan's

  14. Americans look at japanese in pity,they should not rely on them, If they really need help, they should look for other countries whom they treat them as equal like india.Because they can teach yoga to kim jong un and calm him down.

  15. If the US goes to war with North Korea, i don't think Japan and the US would go together… it would be more like nuclear annihilation of NK

  16. このインタビュアーの女の子の話し方が子どもっぽくて嫌。今の憲法のせいで自衛隊のできることが少なくて、逆に非常に危険な立場であることわかってる?

  17. Any Japanese girls 18-25 wanna get married and move to America let me know. I'll be here waiting for a response. ??

  18. 중국의 군사 대국화에 대응하기 위해 일본이 군대를 가진다는건 정당하다고 본다
    하지만 북한때문에 군대를 가진다는건 핑계다
    현재의 북한전력으로는 일본이 일주일 안에 평정할수 있을정도이다
    북한이 저러는건 힘이 없기 때문이다. 주변국들은 첨단무기를 장착하고 있는데
    자신들은 아직도 20세기 무기를 가지고 있기 때문에 내부의 불안감을 잠재우기 위해서
    큰소리 치는 거다
    북한이 일본에 미사일로 피해를 줄수는 있어도 일본을 상대로 전쟁에서는 절대 이길수 없다
    죽기위해 시비거는 사람은 없다. 북한이 과연 일본의 위협이 될까?
    일본 뉴스를 보면, 굉장히 과장되게 북한을 받아들인다

  19. Well now that the election is over, it’s clear that majority of us (Japanese) wanted the amendment of the article 9. It’s really not the matter of who wants to go to war or not. It’s necessary to show the neighboring countries that Japan can fight. I would really appreciate if you could work on making more unbiased videos.

  20. Stf Old hag Japanese women You mcasshoes paid US Military top $$$ to keep your sorry ass safe

  21. I don’t know why but the girl saying that war shows the true meaning of life reminded me of Pain from Naruto, ??? am I the only one ?

  22. Japan gets re-militarized.

    News headlines around the world two months later:


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