Shards of Empire: RT meets descendants of those who fled revolution 100yrs ago

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November 2017 marks 100 years since Russian revolution. The World War I resulted in a Socialist uprising which led to another war, this time a civil one, changing the country forever.The political shockwave that brought the Russian Empire to an end saw millions flee the country. RT traveled to Iran to meet two people who consider themselves Russian – despite never having set foot in the land of their ancestors.


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21 comments on “Shards of Empire: RT meets descendants of those who fled revolution 100yrs ago

  1. The revolution was a bad one, it costed more lives than it brought. But let’s me honest without the Soviet Union the economy of the Russian Empire was bad and the Russian Empire could never industrialise so much like it did under the ussr

  2. It looks like someone beat grandma's ass! What a pussy for beating an old woman!

  3. Aaaw…very sweet. I am so glad they've hung on to their Russian heritage. Thank you for this, RT!!

  4. They were Real Refugees of the Jewish Bolshevik Terror that cost the lives of over 100+ Million people in less than a Century Long live Iran and the Russian Federation two nations who are fighting against the Zionist Jew World Today as well.

  5. Hope they have a chance to visit Russia and see what their parents loved so much. Good story RT

  6. The revolution was to free Russia but 100 years later and they are still in the grasp of tyranny. I wonder who wins the next "elections" .

  7. We're supposed to think Iran is our enemy and that they're the "biggest exporter of terrorism in the world". But our real enemies are the Bolshevik globalists who rule over us and are the biggest financiers of terrorism ever!!!

  8. Though communist socialist Russian Soviet times still lives on unfortunately

  9. Poland marks anniversary of 1920 victory over the Red Army. The battle of Warsaw saved country's newly regained independence after the end of World War I and prevented the Bolshevik revolution from spreading into western Europe. The "Miracle of the Vistula, part of the Polish-Soviet War of 1919-1921, was fought from 12 to 25 August 1920 as Red Army forces commanded by Mikhail Tukhachevsky approached the Polish capital. Polish forces led by Marshal Józef Piłsudski counterattacked, forcing the Soviets to withdraw. The 1920 Battle of Warsaw has been listed among the most important battles that have decided the fate of the world. Honour to the Heroes!

  10. They fled the Jewish take over of Russia. That era ended in 1991.

  11. …. Rich people are like spoiled children, dancing through life without a care in the world.

  12. RT will NEVER tell the TRUTH about the Commie JEWS who were sent from JEW York City in the late 19th century to RILE up the Citizens of Russia to Slaughter Each Other.

    RT now works to RILE up the Conservatives in the JEWSA to BLAME the 'LIBERALS' for all their ILLS so that the Satanic JEWS can get another Bunch of DUMB FUCK CHRISTIANS to do their DIRTY Work and get a CIVIL or RACE War going in the JEWSA.

    The Fucking JEWS can't RELEASE the FIRM GRIP that the People have on their GUNS,with ALL the FALSE FLAGS,even Putin Played his Part in the 'Boston Bombing" FALSE FLAG,he said he 'Warned' the JEWSA about the Two PATSY brothers that the JEWS SET UP for the FALL. RT always with Poor Trump is a "VICTIM" and 'CROSSTALK' with NON STOP ORANGE APE Arse Covering EXCUSES of the 'DEEP State' with Dimitri BLABBITCH always with his CRY of 'IT'S the LIBERALS'

    It's the Fucking SATANIC JEWS that were BREED in Soviet Russia that are the EVIL that Stalks the World and their HQ is STILL in JEW York City where all the Satanic JEW Plans are Made.

    Lenin who Invented 'Controlled OPPOSITION' to Stalin who INVENTED the HoloHOAX,the Biggest RICHEST JEW SCAM in the WORLD. The RUSSIA JEWS can Only INVENT LIES the TECHNOLOGY they STOLE from GERMANY after they STOLE ALL the GOLD.


    The JEW from Russia is the most SATANIC SAVAGE of the TRIBE.

  13. I've read the comments and came to the conclusion that many commentators are brainwashed. You do not know anything about the Russian Revolution and the USSR. Judging by the comments there are only myths and lies in your heads, and as a rule all these myths are negative.
    For example, Stalin in modern Russia still remains the most popular politician, Lenin is in the second place.
    90% of the population of modern Russia has a positive attitude towards the USSR and its history.

  14. This isn't the only thing, hundred thousands of polish refugees took refuge in Iran. Many of them spent their entire lives in Iran.

  15. Jews have destroyed russian soul . Eternal Jew is a disgrace to humanity

  16. Bolshevik revolution was a jewish conspiracy funded by jewish capitalist banksters in NY that genocided over 100 million christians. watch "The Greatest Story Never Told"

  17. Iran…..before the Americans came in and decided to overthrow a democratically elected government, and put their puppet in his place. I’m American, and the destruction that the US has caused throughout the world, is unbelievably sinister.

  18. Correction: Anna's and Gabriel's ancestors didn't flee the Russian Empire. They fled from the Soviet Union and the zionists and bolcheviks who created it. Their ancestors were heroes…all of them, because they did their best to stand up to Lenin and his satanic followers. They might have not succeeded, but today, they are vindicated: the spectre of communism died with the Soviet Union, and now, Mother Russia is alive and healing.

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